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Clint Steele Starts Pay It Forward x 1 Million Campaign

Contact: Shannon Rose, Eclectic Media Productions, 813-389-0801, info@mediaproductions.tv

TAMPA, Fla., July 16, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- Dr. Clint Steele, Expert of Natural Health Care and Founder of "Pay It Forward x 1 Million" wants you to join his campaign.

No amount of money, no amount of toys, no amount of things can replace the feeling and the supreme awesomeness of making a difference for the better in someone's life. The great thing about making a difference is that anyone can make a positive difference in another's life no matter how big or how small. That is what Pay It Forward x 1 Million is all about! Making a positive difference in someone's life.

Pay It Forward X 1 Million has three steps to help individuals to start paying it forward.

Step 1: Open your eyes and your heart to what is happening around you. Simply make a conscious effort to look around you as you go about your day. Sometimes we get so focused on our own life and our own issues and our own problems that we lose track of what is going on around us.

Step 2: Once you start to notice people around you the opportunities to PAY IT FORWARD will be all over the place, many, many times throughout your day.

Step 3: As you see opportunities simply step up and act. Next time you open the door to walk into a building, take a quick look behind you before letting the door close to see if anyone is behind you, if so take 2 seconds and hold it open for them. Next time you are in stop and go traffic and someone wants to get in front of you, let them. Next time you see someone who looks like they are having a rough day, share a simple sincere compliment...the list goes on and on.

Join them and make it happen today. Sign up for once a week email that will share a different PAY IT FORWARD idea and join thousands of us across the world who will be performing that specific act of kindness on that Friday. It's easy, it's free and it will change your life.

Clint Steele
Expert of Natural Health Care and dedicates his life and expertise to helping others. He is a nationally known chiropractor and founder of programs "Better Hockey", "Pay It Forward x 1 Million", and several more.

For more information visit: payitforwardx1million.com

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