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Brian Rohrbough DVD Now Available from 'Institute On The Constitution' and is One Pro-Life Presentation You will Never Forget

Contact: John Lofton, Communications Director, Institute On The Constitution, 410-760-8885, JLof@aol.com  

PASADENA, Maryland, Aug. 5 /Christian Newswire/ -- In this moving, unforgettable talk from his heart -- titled "The Pro-Life Industry vs. The Pro-Life Ministry" -- Brian, President of "American Right To Life," discusses:

--- The murder of his son Daniel at Columbine High School.

--- How simply trying to regulate the killing of unborn children dishonors God and is immoral. In other words, all laws, after which they are obeyed, it can be said, "And then you can kill the baby," are totally unacceptable. Examples of such wrong-headed laws would be parental consent for minors before getting an abortion and mandatory ultra-sound photos before an abortion.

--- The connection between abortion, evolution and the murders at Columbine High School.

Other presentations on DVDs offered by "Institute On The Constitution" include:

--- Dr. Herb Titus speaking on the importance of a U.S. President being "a natural born citizen," as the Constitution requires.

--- Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo speaking on his latest book "Hamilton's Curse."

--- Dr. Laurence Vance speaking on "Christianity And War."
Future DVDs of other speakers will include:

--- "Exodus Mandate Project" President E. Ray Moore on why Christian students must have a Christian education and get out of the government-run schools.

--- "Institute On The Constitution" co-founder Michael Anthony Peroutka speaking on interposition.

--- California State University Prof. Richard Weikart on his book "From Darwin to Hitler: Evolutionary Ethics, Eugenics and Racism in Germany."

--- Suzana Hupp on the Second Amendment and an individual's right to carry a concealed weapon.

To order any of these DVDs contact John Lofton at: 410-760-8885; email: JLof@aol.com. The price of each DVD (which includes mailing) is $15. If you buy four DVDs you will get a fifth one at no cost to you. You should also visit the "Institute On The Constitution" web site at IOTConline.com.

For US mail orders, make payment to: "Institute On The Constitution," 8028 Ritchie Highway, Suite 315, Pasadena, Maryland 21122. Attn: John Lofton. For credit card payment, either call or email me (JL) at addresses above so we might set up a secure arrangement for you.