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Christianity is Not to Blame for the Holocaust, Atheism and Secular Humanism Is, Author says.

Contact: Anthony Horvath, Athanatos Christian Ministries, 202-280-7971; Joseph Keysor, keysor@hitlerandchristianity.com

LA CROSSE, Wisc., Feb. 26 /Christian Newswire/ -- In his book, "Hitler, the Holocaust, and the Bible," author Joseph Keysor confronts the rising chorus that Christianity is to blame for all the world's evils, and especially the more recent charges that the Holocaust itself is the fault of the Christian religion and Hitler was guided by his Christian principles.

"Hitler, the Holocaust, and the Bible" is available for pre-ordering now.

Originally published on Hitler's birthday in 2009, Athanatos Christian Ministries is releasing an updated edition in both hard and soft covers on March 8th, 2010.

Author Joseph Keysor takes special aim at the claims of the so-called 'New Atheists,' in particular Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins. Mr. Keysor states, "It has become convenient to summarily dismiss religion on the grounds that it does more harm than good. Obviously, rewriting history to fit the same paradigm is the next step. Atheists have even managed to blame the millions who died at the hands of atheistic communists as being the fault of religion, too, calling communism a 'religion.'"

Keysor continues, "The argument seems to be that if something is bad, it is religiously motivated, but if it is good, it's humanistic. For those who think this way, it is natural to latch on to the occasional statement by Hitler that seems to indicate he was a Christian and dismiss countless reasons to know that, without a doubt, he was anything but."

"Hitler, the Holocaust, and the Bible" does more than just respond to critics, but fights back, showing that the true sources of Nazism and the Holocaust were not the Bible, Martin Luther, and Christian anti-semitism, but rather secular, atheistic and evolutionary thinkers such as Wagner, Nietzchke and Haeckel.

Keysor concludes, "This isn't a dry academic dispute. Many of the same attitudes that fueled the destruction of millions of Jews, gypsies, and handicapped people are percolating around us as we speak. You can even openly advocate for eugenics without anyone thinking less of you. Remember the saying: 'If you do not learn the lessons from the past, you are bound to repeat them.' My book will teach some of those lessons."

Orders for both the soft and hard covers are being taken now. More information about the book and how to order is available at www.hitlerandchristianity.com. Joseph Keysor is available for interviews.

Please make your initial contact by email at: keysor@hitlerandchristianity.com.