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Former New Jersey Traffic Cop Relives His Devine Intervention in His New Release, 'Majestic Restoration'

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EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP, NJ, Mar. 25 /Christian Newswire/ -- Does Hell truly exist? Is their a Heaven where eternal life flourishes? These questions and more are discussed and demonstrated at length through the true life experiences of author, Bryan Roscoe in his new release, Majestic Restoration (published by AuthorHouse).
Predispositioned to be an alcoholic, Bryan Roscoe grew up watching his father and later his mother depend on alcohol for temporary escape from the hardships of daily life. With the negative actions of his parents continuously directed towards him, Roscoe found a guiding light of hope in his older sister when his parents continued to persecute him for his apparent wrongdoings.
Life's path would not get any easier for Roscoe as he grew older and more mature. After his return from the Army in 1976 he decided a career in law enforcement was an opportunity to have a stable and fulfilling career. This soon became his own worst enemy as he found himself depending on the bottle to get through the day. With his sister now married with her own family the support system he was used to now seemed harder then ever to benefit from. With pressure at work mounting, a downward spiral took a hold of Roscoe's life. The reality of his addiction became very real when one day he found himself facedown on death's doorstep in the presence of the devil himself.
"Yellowish-white flames flicked at my feet while blood red lava dripped from the left and right sides of the walls. From nowhere a beast appeared. Physically this demon was much larger then the other demons that had been floating around tormenting me. He was twice the size of a normal man, with the muscular build of a body builder. His odor was so foul and his countenance so fierce even the other demon's shrank back."

About The Author
Bryan Roscoe grew up in South Jersey and New York City. He served his country honorably in the US Army from 1974 to 1976. He later worked as a traffic officer the Atlantic City Police Department for several years until his retirement. In his retirement he has had the pleasure of working for Congressman Frank LoBiondo as well as working as a veteran's advocate. In his free time he has written a screenplay based on his recent release and hopes to write more in the future. Majestic Restoration is Roscoe's first book.