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WATNRADIO.com's Online Christian Talk Radio Quickly Attracts Listeners from All Over the World

Contact: Mia Chambers, 800-443-4617; WATNRADIO.com


MEDIA ADVISORY, Oct.28, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Says Evangelist and Founder of WATNRADIO.com, Juanita Price, "I am amazed at how quickly the listenership has grown since the online station's launch on September 1, this year. Perhaps what I feel is a kind of typical emotion for a diehard evangelist (chuckle), but I am blown away at how God has blessed the station.


Lately, I have been traveling quite a bit, with my most recent trip to the country of Japan. I distinctly remember turning over in the middle of the night there to steal a one-eye-open glance at how the station was doing and noticed listeners on the station from Mexico, Israel, Canada and the UK.


These are just a few of the countries and I cannot tell you how blessed I am to know that the gospel is reaching and helping people all over the world. What I love most is that the folks do more than visit the site for a quick listen. They actually stay on; many stay for hours and hours. That is phenomenal.


When I launched WATNRADIO.com, I was clueless concerning the technical steps involved in such an undertaking. You wouldn't believe the blunders and imperfections. I'm still learning and the station is benefiting from that process (hahaha). But, God doesn't always pick those with ability, but those with AVAILABILITY! I don't have much, but I am here for you, praise God. I remain available to serve and therefore, trust the Lord to equip me with the tools I need to get the job done. That's enough about me (lolol).


The point of WATNRADIO.com is to provide a platform for Christian ministers, counselors, teachers and professionals who stand for and desire to share the "Absolute Truth', no mixture, no self-advancing motives, nothing dumbed down....just the Absolute Truth. Why? Only the Absolute Truth can set us truly free. Anything else is a band-aid....a fraud....a temporary fix.


Gimmickry and philosophy are for people who have a lot of time to waste and who love the comfort zones of self-deception. That is the extent of the reward. When the temporary wears off, there is always ground to be recovered and many times, "hell" to pay.

Those who stand for truth and love people, would be the right candidate for airtime and to broadcast their ministry or message on the station. I am always on the lookout for those who love God's people and who desire to spread the Word of God".


The programs on the station are diverse. The broadcasters include Apologists, Traditional Ministers, Counselors, Musicians, Teachers, Cultural Critics, Sociologists, you name it. They are all different, but with one common denominator. That is, all of them love people and they love the Lord.