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Evangelical Pastors Troubled with NRB

Evangelical Pastors Call on National Religious Broadcasters to Drop Neo-Confederate Speaker

Contact: Judy Wehrman, 513-751-1066

CINCINNATI, Sept. 26, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- Despite requests from evangelical pastors, the National Religious Broadcasters refuses to drop Michael Peroutka's program, Institute on the Constitution. Mr. Peroutka is a board member of the neo-confederate, secessionist group League of the South, a white-supremacist organization. After addressing NRB with their concerns -- NRB being a Christian organization, promoting an open neo-confederate -- a group of pastors have decided to take action to inform other pastors and their congregations. Please read, and consider signing, the following petition.


Cincinnati Area Pastors is a multicultural group of evangelical leaders, committed to creating and preserving unity in the Body of Christ. The NRB broadcast a series of programs by Mr. Peroutka who has pledged his business and family resources to the League of the South. The League is a neo-Confederate movement endorsing secession from the current government, and a return to the Confederate Constitution of 1861. League of the South's main goal is to see the South become a separate nation controlled by whites. Its leader, Michael Hill, applauds slavery, as well as Jim Crow; and is vehemently against multiculturalism and diversity.

Our commitment to unity makes it impossible for us to overlook this promotion by the NRB. As leaders, we must hold the NRB responsible for the divisive ideology it has espoused through connection with Mr. Peroutka.