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'You're Fired' - Navy Chaplain, Court Martialed for Praying 'In Jesus Name', Fired from Navy, Ordered Dismissed Immediately

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WASHINGTON, Mar. 2 /Christian Newswire/ --  A federal appeals court in Washington cleared the way for the U.S. Navy to dismiss Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt, who earned the ire of his commanders with his prayers "in Jesus' name". His 16-year career officially ended at midnight on March 1st. 

“It's now official and final. Yesterday I was booted from the Navy.  As of midnight last night, I became a civilian. Yesterday, I received orders to separate by 1 Mar 07, so I signed the DD 214 ending my 16 year military career,”

He told reporters that to further punish him, he was informed that the chief of naval operations had contacted the Conservative Political Action Conference, where Klingenschmitt had been invited to deliver the invocation Thursday night, and had his invitation rescinded.

Klingenschmitt was listed on the CPAC Program to deliver the invocation at a conference where Vice President Dick Cheney was scheduled to be, but was ‘disinvited’. “The Navy is embarrassed that I might have prayed in Jesus name in front of the Vice President!”

Earlier, Klingenschmitt told reporters that the costs of the battle have been high but worthwhile, because Congress has already instructed that the policy be rescinded, and other chaplains will have the freedom that Klingenschmitt sought.

"My sacrifice purchased their freedom. My conscience is clear, the fight was worth it, and I'd do it all again," he said. Klingenschmitt ran into trouble when he publicly prayed ‘in Jesus name’ during a rally for embattled Judge Roy Moore at the White House last winter. Judge Moore was removed from his office when he refused to follow a federal court order he considered unlawful: to remove a Ten Commandments monument from public property.

The Navy convicted Chaplain Klingenschmitt of failing to follow a lawful order because his superior didn't want him praying "in Jesus' name". But when Congress got word of Klingenshcmitt’s fine of $3,000, it caught their attention, and they ordered the Navy to remove the limitation and allow chaplains to pray as their ‘conscience dictates’.

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