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Author Debra Evans Shares the Way Out of the Faded Fairy Tale for Every Woman in the New Book: 'But for God...Through Broken Windowpanes'

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NASHVILLE, Sept. 9 /Christian Newswire/ -- When the once-upon-a-time of little-girl dreams gives way to "real life ever after," where do you turn? Debra Evans knows, and she shares the way out of the faded fairy tale for every woman in this inspirational new book 'But for God...Through Broken Windowpanes' (Living in Faith, ISBN: 978-0-615-39811-2, October 12th, $14.99).

While 'But for God...Through Broken Windowpanes' is the personal account of a woman who has humbly risen from the ashes of poverty, abuse, and abandonment to become an international speaker and teacher, it is also much more. This book shows readers through Debra's story that even when it seems God is nowhere to be found, He is always intervening very personally on our behalf to accomplish His beautiful best for us.

Using the tale of Cinderella as a fundamental touchpoint that most women grow up aspiring to (and that Debra herself sought), Debra shares her very personal story of overcoming great adversity through the healing power and miraculous grace of a loving God. It is a story that includes the heartbreaks of:

  • being conceived in the backseat of a car at a drive-in by a teenage mother and young father
  • being emotionally abandoned by her father as a little girl and treated as a pawn in her parents' bitter divorce
  • being left in the care of an abusive grandmother and abusive mother-turned-exotic-dancer
  • enduring the stigmas of poverty, learning difficulties, and a broken engagement
  • being denied her dream to enter medical school
  • marrying a man who she knew she shouldn't marry -- a man who deceived her, emotionally abused her, and ended up incarcerated, leaving her to raise two sons on her own
  • raising a son through the challenges and stigma of learning disabilities and having to find him help as a "virtual" single parent
  • suffering the wounds of a divorce after enduring 23 years of marriage

But even more, it is the uplifting story of a faithful God who took those heartbreaks and turned them into His calling, His healing, and His beautiful purpose.

  • A God who spoke His dream to her as a five-year-old as she stood staring at a church altar -- a dream that she would see fulfilled in a very unexpected way as an adult
  • A God who met her where she was in her anger at men, her self-destruction, and her personal turmoil and put her on a journey to His wholeness
  • A God who breathed life into her dead son upon the delivery table and healed her of physical illnesses
  • A God who made the promises of His Word come alive as she learned to follow and trust His ways
  • A God who delivered her from her emotional torment through the provision of spiritual parents and His healing power
  • A God who powerfully used His Word to rescue her from being victimized by her circumstances
  • A God who empowered her to forgive herself and those who had hurt her and step out in faith to begin an international ministry of healing and restoration
  • A God who gave her a second chance at love -- and fulfilled His dreams for her

As Debra so poignantly reminds readers throughout the book, But for God, we would all live under the consequences of every choice we have made, are making, or will ever make. But for God, we would forever be condemned to look at life through fantasies and broken windowpanes rather than through the clarity of His dreams and purposes for us. This page-turner of a book gives hope that every woman can find the rainbow of redemption even after a lifetime of defeat, despair, and destruction -- all because of God.

"The results of my story -- the good, the bad, and the ugly -- are all shared here, all for the glory of God," says the author. "Because I know that what He did for me, He stands ready to do for you. Especially when life's hardships come knocking."

DEBRA EVANS has helped thousands of listeners experience God's gifts of mercy, healing, grace and truth through frequent appearances on radio, television and internet outlets, and in churches worldwide. She and her husband, Rick, have established Living In Faith (www.livinginfaith.com), a multifaceted ministry that guides people from darkness into victory through the Word of God and His healing power.

For more information, visit the official website at www.butforgod.com.