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Clemency for Clunkers
Contact: Ron Marlette, 707-249-1611; Tim LeFever, 707-330-5001; both for Mission Solano
MEDIA ADVISORY, Aug. 10 /Christian Newswire/ -- Shocked by the site of hundreds of late model, drivable automobiles lined up for eventual destruction under the Cash for Clunkers program, a homeless mission in northern California is calling for a Clemency for Clunkers program.
"The government's Cash for Clunkers program has pronounced a death sentence on cars that used to be donated to our used car lot," said Ron Marlette, Executive Director of Fairfield, California based Mission Solano. "This not only takes away the sales profits that help support our feeding and housing of the homeless, it eliminates a whole class of cars that would have been purchased by those who can not afford more."
The $3 billion federal Cash for Clunkers program could result in 750,000 vehicles, 25 years old or newer, being rendered inoperable and junked. Many of these vehicles previously found their way to charitable resale lots like that operated by Mission Solano. But the government's generous buy back provisions, as much as $4,500 per vehicle, can not be matched by charities that traditionally provide no more than a tax write off.
"Today we call on the federal government to introduce a Clemency for Clunkers program," stated Marlette. "Give these cars a second chance at life on the streets, driven by those who can't afford a new car."
Marlette continued, "Once these cars are out from under the threat of destruction, we should have a national debate on how to reintroduce these cars to society. But I would hope that some of these cars end up at existing charity car lots that have been harmed by the Cash for Clunkers program."
Mission Solano provides food, shelter, counseling and training for the most vulnerable in Solano County. The Mission is scheduled to open its 154 bed Bridge to Life Center in Fairfield by the end of the year. Mission Solano is a 501(c) 3 charitable organization.
For more information visit us at missionsolano.org.