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Judie Brown Joins Fellow Pontifical Academy Members in Decrying Archbishop Fisichella Controversy

Contact: Katie Walker, American Life League, 540-659-4942

WASHINGTON, Feb. 25 /Christian Newswire/ -- American Life League President Judie Brown, a three-term member of the Pontifical Academy for Life, joined Venezuelan Christine Vollmer, chairwoman for Alliance for the Family and four other Academy members in questioning Archbishop Rino Fisichella's statement as head of the pontifical organization.

In March 2009 Archbishop Fisichella published an article that appeared to condone abortion in certain circumstances.

The four members of the Pontifical Academy for Life, now joined by Brown, insist that Archbishop Fisichella's article, and his recent statements to the Academy's General Assembly, adhering to the contents of that article, have caused widespread confusion about the Church's position on so-called therapeutic abortion.

"Archbishop Fisichella's statements and articles appearing to condone the killing of preborn babies in certain circumstances risk adding to the moral chaos of our confused society," Brown said.

"Archbishop Fisichella has, by his own writing, misrepresented the magisterial teaching of the Catholic Church on the grave question of abortion. By admonishing the Bishop of Recife, Brazil, and extending 'compassion' to the Catholic doctors who aborted two preborn babies, the archbishop has perhaps unwittingly played directly into the hands of the anti-Catholic media, distorted the Catholic position and currently refuses to admit his error. We pray he sees this and corrects the false interpretation of Catholic teaching."

When consulted, Vollmer agreed:

"Archbishop Fisichella's introductory speech to the Pontifical Academy for Life General Assembly, claiming that the Doctrine of the Faith 'Clarification' of July 11 agreed with his article is a continuation of his defense of 'therapeutic abortion' and the doctor's right to decide, which is of course unacceptable at a Papal Academy dedicated to the protection of all innocent human life. Many prominent abortion advocates have celebrated this confusion. As Academicians we want to clear up any confusion that this curial official has sown in the minds of the faithful."

Brown emphasized that since the archbishop's original remarks defending the purveyors of abortion, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has reiterated Catholic teaching that abortion is an intrinsically evil act and is never to be permitted. For more information see reports by the news agency, Chiesa: "Retractions: The Holy Office Teaches Archbishop Fisichella a Lesson."

American Life League was cofounded in 1979 by Judie Brown. It is the largest grassroots Catholic pro-life organization in the United States and is committed to the protection of all innocent human beings from the moment of creation to natural death. For more information or press inquiries, please contact Katie Walker at 540.659.4942.


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