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Introducing New International Evangelical Catholic Television Network

Contact: SisterSue Jenkins, S.F.C.C., Chief Executive Officer, Kingdom of God Broadcasting Network, 317-920-1000, 317-430-0551, srsue@catholic-television.tv


INDIANAPOLIS, Mar. 13 /Christian Newswire/ -- "It is by the awesome and tremendous grace and favor of Almighty God that we are able to make this exciting announcement," says SisterSue concerning this all-new International Evangelical Catholic Television Network. The Kingdom of God Broadcasting Network owns two Class A television stations and is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.


This new Catholic network will feature Roman Catholics who have a loving personal-relationship with Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and who have received the Baptism with the Holy Spirit, as of the Day of Pentecost.


"It is our experience that to evangelize, one first needs to be evangelized.  In order for Catholics to successfully help reach the world for Jesus, we as Catholics first need to be evangelized," says SisterSue.


SisterSue continues, "We know that the principle agent and great source of power to evangelize and to live for Almighty God, is the precious Holy Spirit, and as our wonderful Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ has said, 'When He comes, that He, the Holy Spirit would give us great power to do and to be, all that the Lord God has instructed us.'"


This new television network is not owned or operated by the Roman Catholic Church, even though, we are in wonderful communion with the Roman Catholic Church.


This is the work of the Holy Spirit through a highly anointed Catholic sister who loves Jesus with all her heart and who has received the "Baptism with the Holy Spirit," which is SisterSue Jenkins, who heads the new network.


SisterSue's consecration as a Catholic Sister came to be known through an announcement for her then Bishop, the Most Reverend George J. Biskup, Archbishop of Indianapolis, written in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis official Catholic newspaper, the Criterion, dated October 28, 1977, page 6.  (To receive a copy of this article contact this TV ministry or the Indiana State Library)


At present, the ministry is working on raising funds (8 to 10 million dollars) to continue to construct and fully launch this all new International Evangelical Catholic Television Network.


In 2005, the National Association of Broadcasters selected SisterSue from thousand of broadcasters, to give SisterSue a grant for additional broadcast training for those most likely to be highly successful in television broadcasting and the telecommunications industry.