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Publishers Weekly Calls PEACE, a New Israel-Iran Thriller, a 'Smart, Globe-Spanning Tale'

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WASHINGTON, Nov. 11 /Christian Newswire/ -- Publishers Weekly recently reviewed PEACE -- a new thriller by CBA best-selling author Jeff Nesbit published by Guideposts Books/Summerside Press -- and called it a "fascinating doomsday scenario with fresh, simple twists." Here's what Publishers Weekly had to say about the new novel, which is based on what might happen the day after Israel attacks Iran's nuclear facilities:

"Nesbit, a former communications director to the vice president at the White House, has written a smart, globe-spanning tale of what could be, based on what already is, in world affairs today. Book one in the series 'Principalities and Powers' includes characters and subplots from a secret prison camp in North Korea; a democratic movement in Iran; a fighter squadron from Israel; a soviet communist revival leader in Russia; and the office of the U.S. president, mixed into a fascinating doomsday scenario with fresh, simple twists. When Israel attacks Iran with stealth bombers purchased from the U.S., the world is on the brink, and a small group of people can save the world from destruction with two simple means of communication: a common cell and the bold strategy of talking directly to the enemy." In its review, it also said that the "novel notably and commendably resists the cardboard-cutout religious politics of many Christian fiction thrillers involving the Middle East."

PEACE is the first book in the PRINCIPALITIES & POWERS series (www.principalitiesandpowers.net) from Summerside Press, which announced earlier this month that it was being acquired by Guideposts. Nesbit has been a national journalist, public affairs chief at two federal science agencies, a senior White House official, and an author. PEACE is his 18th novel.

PEACE is well-researched and includes a number of provocative concepts such as 1) an original plan for a new Palestinian state based on the Old Testament phrase "from Dan to Beersheba" and parts of the original 1947 U.N. Resolution; 2) a fission-fusion-fission doomsday weapon in North Korea based on Russian and American research abandoned in the 1950s; 3) the sale of the mothballed F-117 American-built stealth fighter to Israel that would, some argue, give it the "silver bullet" it would need in an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities; 4) the possibility that a cesium 137 "dirty" bomb could be exploded in urban settings in the U.S; and 5) new research indicating that the first and second Jewish temples in Jerusalem were not built at the Dome of the Rock (but where the El Kas fountain is now located); and that the Western Wall at the Temple Mount is likely a remnant of the retaining wall around Roman Emperor Hadrian's Temple of Jupiter built over the ruins of the Second Jewish Temple.

There is an extensive Q & A at the end about what's real in the book. PEACE is also available as a book on tape from Broadway actor and noted audio book voice over artist Robertson Dean.