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Thousands Rally in Support of Israel on the Eve of UN Vote

Local Churches and Synagogues Demonstrate Support for Israel

Contact: Sarah Kass, Press Officer, 832-301-3504

HOUSTON, Sept. 16, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- On the weekend of September 23rd -25th people all over Texas and the southwest region will participate in an event called One With Israel. This event is a personal call to action for solidarity and prayer for lasting peace and stability in Israel. Around 200 churches and synagogues throughout Texas and the southwest have made their commitment to join One With Israel to prove that Israel has great friends during these difficult times.

    Event Details

    Who: Local communities

    What: Show of support for the State of Israel on the eve of a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian State

    Where: Churches and Synagogues in the Southwest

    When: September 23-25, 2011

Throughout history, Israel has been in a constant struggle for its right to exist. As the only true democracy in the Middle East, Israel has become the lone refuge for those who wish to live in peace. Despite multiple attacks, Israel has held fast with the support of its friends and allies who are a true blessing.

In September Israel will face another major challenge to Israel's legitimacy as the Palestinian Authority will seek a unilateral declaration in the United Nations where unfortunately they find an almost automatic majority of support. These actions are designed to impose upon Israel a Palestinian plan that will essentially strive to bring Israel back to the 1967 borders and to further isolate Israel within the international community by delegitimizing our nation. Therefore, we seek Greater help in this difficult time.

As the Palestinians and the Arab world, most of who refuse to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, initiate their plan in September, rabbi's, pastor's, and ministers we will hold a simultaneous event in the synagogues and churches of the southwest United States. We ask you to join in this effort to demonstrate the support of the Jewish and Christian community for Israel. This event is titled: "One with Israel."

The Consul General of Israel, Ambassador Meir Shlomo states, "True and lasting peace can only be achieved by direct negations between the Palestinian Authority and the State of Israel. Anything short of a mutual agreement on key issues, such as the designation of borders, is counterproductive to a lasting peace. Morality, fairness, and common sense dictate that direct dialogue between the parties is key and to halt the UN vote for unilateral statehood. The State of Israel has confirmed its unrelenting commitment to peace and has been willing to go back to the negation table. Regrettably, these cries have fallen on deaf ears."

The Consulate of Israel to the Southwest calls for everyone who supports democracy, peace, and freedom to demonstrate support for Israel in the "One With Israel" solidarity event that weekend. For further resources email us at onewithisraelsw@gmail.com. The General Consul of Israel, Ambassador Meir Shlomo and the Consul of Israel, Maya Kadosh, and Pastor Becky Keenen are available for interviews.

Contact Information:
Press Officer Sarah Kass: Office: (832) 301-3504