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Congress Faces New 'Hot Topic' as Leaders in DC Hear Concerns from Citizens Regarding Proposal to Decriminalize 'Sex Work'


Alveda King Ministries

Oct. 18, 2019


ATLANTA, Oct. 18, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ --Evangelist Alveda King submits the following and is available for comment:


Don't get it twisted. "Sex work" involves "sex trafficking."


Thanks to DC Councilman David Grosso on the local level, and Kamala Harris and others in Congress, who are responding to this crisis with tricky talk and "confused compassion" about how to help victims of sex abuse and other violent and oppressive acts, there is a growing stir about the concept of how to protect "sex workers."


In misguided efforts to help the victims, Grosso is really protecting the predators. "This is about protecting the human rights of our residents," said Grosso, a progressive council member who also led the push to decriminalize marijuana in the District. "Arresting our way through this has never worked."


He's wrong in his thinking. Enabling the "sex worker" victims only puts more money in their boss's pockets. We need to rescue the sex workers, not throw them deeper into the abyss.


'A mecca for prostitution'? A new bill proposes decriminalizing sex work in D.C. -- The Washington Post at the center of discussions and hearings would amend existing city laws to eliminate criminal penalties for selling or buying sex in the District. If passed, the bill would make the District the only U.S. jurisdiction to legalize prostitution, outside of some areas of Nevada where legal brothels exist.


Recently while I was praying about victims of abortion, which includes babies and their mothers, I began praying for victims of child abuse and sexual molestation as well. All too often, these victims end up in trades called "sex work." There is also increasing evidence of links to sex trafficking perpetrators and abortion mills where forced and coerced abortions are rising.


Other less pleasant monikers for these situations where people are called "sex workers," are prostitution and whore mongering among other shady terms. It's the same as calling baby murders abortion. Changing the name of evil deeds doesn't cure the evil.


What people don't realize is that all too many children are "turned out" by sexual predators at an early age, and are often forced to survive for many years in the lucrative sex trade industry.


A recent example of this issue is that of an Uber driver who called the police after realizing that his passengers included two female pimps and a teenage girl who was being trafficked. Hopefully, more honest media coverage will helpfully include some education for the public on what to look out for in sex trafficking situations.


Thankfully, many groups are now fighting this evil, raising awareness and engaging the complex factors that contribute to this scourge. Even the controversial TV show Empire dared to recently address the issue of inconvenient abortions with one of the characters publicly coming out as "prolife."


Sex trafficking is an offense to the sanctity of human life.


All human beings are made in the image of God and are thus equally valuable. From conception to natural death, women and men, girls and boys, rich and poor, every ethnicity, regardless of education level; life matters. It's a sin and a shame to force another human being into slavery and call it "sex work."


Yet, that is exactly what happens every day in the sex trafficking industry. The lawmakers know it.


The swamp is being drained. Washington is at the core of the sex trafficking crisis. Let's pray for America, and victims of forced abortions and sex trafficking.


SOURCE Alveda King Ministries


CONTACT: Leslie Palma, 917-697-7039


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