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Hollywood Bible Myths: The Book, The Young Messiah and Risen

Contact: Rick Dack, 763-913-0351

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., May 23, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- Was a childhood bully of Jesus' murdered with a demon strewn apple? Was Jesus nearly cremated? Can Christians tell the difference between Hollywood and God's Holy Word? A mere perusal of amazon.com movie reviews attest to the fact that many cannot and well-known Clergy and Christian Celebrities have endorsed cinematic Bible fiction. The following are examples of "Hollywood Bible Myths" from 2016's "The Young Messiah."

  • James is depicted as Jesus' older brother and the son of his uncle Cleopas.
  • Jesus is stalked by an invisible demon and a murderous Roman soldier.
  • Jesus' identity as the Messiah is hidden from him by his parents.
  • Jesus' family is threatened with crucifixion.
  • An invisible demon tells Jesus that Joseph is a liar and that Mary is a whore.

2016's "Risen," though a better film, has its share of errors...

  • The mourners of the crucified are too far away and boisterous to hear Jesus' final words.
  • The disciple John is not present at Golgotha. Can we trust his gospel concerning Jesus' final words?
  • A discussion about cremating Jesus' body takes place.
  • The burial clothes of Jesus are strewn not folded (See John 20:6, 7).
  • Mary Magdalene was a Prostitute (not biblical).

Are there any biblically accurate scenes in these films? Yes, the basics are there (Jesus' family exiled in Egypt, the return to Israel, the crucifixion/resurrection etc.) but scripturally precise Bible films certainly would be an improvement in this era of growing biblical illiteracy. Rick Dack of Defending The Bible Int'l. (www.defendingthebible.com) decided to take action.

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Dack's newest book "Hollywood Bible Myths," an easy-to understand review of the last fifteen years of Bible films, will be released in the Fall of 2017. Each chapter covers a recent Bible film such as The Young Messiah, Risen, Noah, Exodus: Gods and King, Son of God and others. This unique resource will be available online at www.defendingthebible.com and amazon.com.

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Has your Pastor and Principal addressed media Bible myths and offered a defense of the scriptures? If not, this ministry's "Biographies of the Bible" classes and presentations supply all the answers you will ever need. These classes include 3D animations of Bible sites, Hollywood stories of faith, archaeological biographies of Bible characters, archaeological artifact replica's and more. Check out www.defendingthebible.com for class information.