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Joe the Plumber Can Fix Health Care

If you want something done right you've got to do it yourself. It's as true with Health Care as it is with anything else.

Contact: Jeff Cunio, 206-384-7147

SEATTLE, Sept. 14 /Christian Newswire/ -- The health care debate in Washington DC has hit a fevered pitch and it has become clear to most American's that solving this issue is not going to come from politicians or big corporations, so now what?

"The debate has been wrong from the start" Jeff Cunio, CEO of Clarion Care, boldly asserts, "The focus needs to be on the patient, the consumer of the care, not the system. Consumers need to control their own spending, make their own choices, and manage their own records or the spiral of cost control measures like less choice, less innovation, less satisfaction, poorer service, and increases in costs and fraud will continue to be the norm."

In an effort to demonstrate how simple and convenient free-market, patient-driven health care can be Clarion Care has put profits to the side and is offering Clarion Care accounts free for 30 days. Cunio continued, "It is power to the patient time! If we come together now then we can make an incredibly positive impact in a very short time."

Clarion Care empowers consumers to gain control of their care by teaching them to pay their doctor directly, controlling their own records, and showing them how to save up to 70% off of standard insurance products, and manage it all in a secure online account. Dr. Roger Stark, Director of Health Policy for the Washington Policy Center calls Clarion Care, "...a terrific plan to put patients in charge of their health care." Find out more at www.clarioncare.com.