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Gospel Music Arts Alliance Stirs Support for Gospel Music Arts Theatre in Arts Capital

Contact: Gospel Music Arts Alliance for Greater NYC, 212-721-6535, gmaanyc@hotmail.com, Audio File: "Amazing Grace Brought Us In

NEW YORK, April 28 /Christian Newswire/ -- American music culture gets its influences from Gospel Music!  The single, most important thing the Arts Capital can do is to establish a performance venue where all sub-genres of Gospel Music can be accessible to the public; including Bluegrass Gospel Music, Country Gospel, Southern Gospel Music, and all the Traditional and Contemporary art forms of Gospel Music. This venue can also help dissolve some of our economic crisis.

Photo: New York City

Diane speaks for many New Yorkers who seek the spiritual sustenance and high entertainment value that Gospel Music provides. Could Gospel Music spread harmony among people? Strengthen the community? Could Gospel Music be the ideal opportunity for learning American music history?   Diane dares to dream of a New York City where diverse forms of Gospel Music thrive, igniting the spirits of everyone - tourists and long time residents alike.
With boundless energy and unstoppable faith in the power of Gospel Music to uplift communities inspiring them to renewed affirmation of hope and pride, Diane McKoy's life's work serves as a testament of her belief in the need to nurture Gospel Music and accept the challenges of new and old forms of Gospel Music; everything from Traditional Quartets, Southern Gospel Music, Bluegrass Gospel Music, and Country Gospel Music, as well as the most familiar art forms of Gospel Music.
Diane McKoy, founder of a Gospel Music Alliance for Greater New York City (also a grassroots Gospel recording artist), announced today of her new campaign to promote interest in an on-going Gospel Music venue, an inclusive Gospel Music radio station, and a Gospel Music museum. A Gospel Music pioneer with a vision, Diane McKoy has devoted her life to the promotion and nurturing of Gospel Music.
The mission statement of her organization is to lead Gospel Music from its inner city grassroots to the forefront in America's largest city - the Arts Capital of the World! Diane McKoy represents the center of a storm for those seeking to rejoice in the powerful music of Gospel singing. Diane commands attention, not merely because she represents the dreams of so many talented artists; singers, dancers, musicians, but she also meets the need of both the artists and the public.
Diane's many accomplishments include producing Gospel Music specials on MNN community television. She has successfully produced and promoted diverse styles of Gospel Music at the Lamb's Theatre and at supper clubs in the Theatre District. She has set up her campaign table on the sidewalk of the Theatre District to promote her vision for an ongoing Gospel Music venue.
For many years tourists have been randomly stopping Diane on the NYC streets inquiring, "Where can we see a Gospel Music show? We saw in our country Gospel singers from America so we wanted to see a Gospel Music show while we're here." Diane says she can never direct them to a show because it's not happening. Diane also receives calls from people in other countries telling her they are coming to visit New York City and would like to know where they could go and see a Gospel Music show. Diane can only say, "We do not have daily Gospel Music shows in New York City." How startling to them! So Diane suggests some church services. This helps to confirm the fact that New York City needs a Gospel Music Theatre.
Also imagine residing in the Arts Capital of the World as a grassroots Gospel recording artist and radio stations refuse to play your music. It's said that Diane McKoy's music has too much of a bluegrass sound, too much of a country sound; her sound is too unique and the rhetoric continues. How shameful this is in the Arts Capital of the World.
For several decades, Diane McKoy has traveled and performed Gospel Music of various art forms. In recent years Diane McKoy has been called the "Queen of New York City Bluegrass Gospel" by the Bluegrass Reigning Patriarch himself - Dr. Ralph Stanley, as well as James Alan Shelton, his business manager and guitarist.
Gospel Music has parented other forms of music. Gospel Music fans build great commerce here in New York City. Where are the museums that preserve and inform about this progenitive art form? Bring in the banjos, fiddles, mandolins, guitars, keyboards, all stringed/wind instruments, drums, vocalists, etcetera, for celebration of the heavenly spirit! It's peace for the mind, value for the community, as well as for the Arts Capital of the World.
Here's the picture: At present, Gospel singers have no consistent place to perform in the Arts Capital of the World. Diane vows that will change. Gospel singers, dancers, and musicians are looking for an audience gathering; the audiences are looking for the performers. They are both seeking the edifice where the joyful performances can transpire. Alone, Diane cannot make the impact that she together with partnerships can make. Diane is graciously reaching out for willing and able support to make the twain meet.