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Santa Claus Refuses to Navigate by 'Golden Compass' -- Calls for Boycott of Movie and its Sponsors

Contact: Karl Krummenacher, ChristmasGram.com, 800-676-5039 ext. 222, Media@ChristmasGram.com


ST. LOUIS, Dec. 12 / Christian Newswire/ -- Santa Claus, along with prominent Christian leaders, has strongly denounced the subversive movie "The Golden Compass" as an evil attempt to lure children into Phillip Pullman's "Dark Trilogy" -- a series of books which the author himself claims as its goal the "Killing of God".


The movie has created controversy among both Christian and non-Christian religious leaders.


Santa has posted a video response to the movie at YouTube, condemning both the movie and the books on which it is based, calling for a boycott of New Line Cinema and the movie's sponsors, including Random House, Yahoo, Sega, Inkworks and MySpace.com.


"Anyone with the goal of tearing children away from God and who says that he wants to see God dead in our hearts does not deserve your financial support" said Santa.


"New Line Cinema and Hollywood need to know that enough is enough," said Desiree Krummenacher, a volunteer for the ChristmasGram project. "Movie producers need to know that you cannot repackage evil in enticing images and expect us to feed it to our children. We're tired of having anti-Christian messages embedded in our children's entertainment. Parents all over the world should join us in boycotting New Line Cinema and its sponsors."


Christian leaders have praised ChristmasGram for using Santa to promote the true meaning of Christmas - the birth of Christ. ChristmasGram.com creates personalized video messages from Santa that include a narration of the Nativity, and the birth of Jesus. The videos can be custom tailored for each family.


Reverend Mark Creech of the Christian Action League says in a message to his members, "I am encouraging all subscribers to this newsletter and the Christian Action League to take a moment, visit ChristmasGram.com (where preview video's available) and think of at least 1 child you could send this heartwarming message to."


Santa is available for live, in studio, or satellite interviews to organizations and news services regarding this very special project and his mission to reconnect families with the real meaning of Christmas.


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