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Former House Majority Leader Endorses Terry / Broden Presidential Campaign Strategy: 'This is Political Genius'

Randall Terry for President
June 5, 2024
WASHINGTON, June 5, 2024 /Christian Newswire/ -- Former Republican House Majority Leader Tom DeLay of Texas recently praised the Constitution Party's Presidential and Vice-Presidential nominees, Randall Terry and Stephen Broden and called on supporters to financially support the ticket in airing television and radio ads.

Tom Delay boldly endorsed the strategy of the Terry / Broden campaign and further stated, "This is political genius."

"The '3-D' battle plan of the Terry/Broden campaign is political genius! Every Republican should invest in this mission to DEFEND babies, DEFEAT Biden, and DESTROY the Democrat Party. I assure you, when Biden loses, Trump WINS! Please join me in financially supporting this campaign, so these television ads can run nationwide." -- Tom DeLay

Randall Terry stated, "We are honored and thrilled to have the blessing of a revered political warrior. Our mission is to defend babies, defeat Biden, and destroy the Democrat Party. We welcome the support of everyone who shares these goals.

"Our '3D' battle plan - Defend, Defeat, Destroy, - is not for the faint hearted, but it will save babies lives, and will help save our dying nation." Terry further stated.

Vice Presidential Candidate, Pastor Stephen Broden said, "In all of the interviews that I am doing the audience reaction to the 3-D message of Defend, Defeat and Destroy is one that resonates enthusiastically."

The New American wrote: https://thenewamerican.com/us/politics/republican-endorsement-of-constitution-party-candidates-brings-abortion-center-stage-in-2024/

The Independent Political Report wrote: https://independentpoliticalreport.com/2024/06/former-house-leader-tom-delay-praises-2024-constitution-party-ticket-financially-backs-campaign-ads/

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