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Conservative 'Flash Mob' Picket & Pray Demo Organizing Outside the National Education Association's Convention at Washington Convention Center, July 2, 9AM-1PM

Christian, Conservative, Pro-Family, Pro-Life, & TEA Party Activists Urged to Promote 'Flash Demo' via Twitter, Facebook & Other Social Media

Contact: Bob Pawson, Director, Pro-Life Educators, 609-610-3522, RobertPawson@aol.com; Judy Bruns, Past NEA/OEA Delegate (1998-2009), 419-302-0472, brunsj@roadrunner.com

WASHINGTON, June 20, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- The National Education Association's annual convention in Washington, DC is the focus point for a peaceful, positive, patriotic 'Flash Mob' Picket-&-Pray demonstration scheduled for Monday, July 2 from 9AM to 1PM outside the Convention Center in Washington, DC (801 Mount Vernon Place NW). Conservative leaders and activists are urged to promote this 'flash' event via social media like Twitter, Facebook, and e-mails.

"The NEA leadership suffered a humiliating defeat in Wisconsin's recall election last month. Now, four weeks later, Conservatives have the opportunity to deliver another high-visibility reprimand to the NEA leadership -- on their home turf," says NEA/NJEA member Bob Pawson, a teacher in the Trenton Public Schools since 1980. "Despite the short notice, come support this important demonstration. Rain or shine since the primary picketing area on L-Street has a protective overhead covering. If you are coming, please send us an e-mail. Bring appropriate signs or posters."

Citizens and conservative leaders who have serious disagreements with the radical agenda of the NEA leadership over issues like abortion, gun ownership, homosexuality, sex education, climate change, illegal immigration, etc. should take advantage of this ideal venue to deliver a strong, front-page message of rebuke directly to the nearly 10,000 members of NEA's leadership cadre -- with hundreds of news media organizations present to cover the story.

"It's worth your investment of time, effort, and sacrifice, to be at this 'Picket & Pray' demonstration outside the NEA Assembly. Don't let the fact that it's on a Monday stop you," says retired Ohio teacher Judy Bruns, an outspoken conservative who served as an NEA Convention Delegate from 1998 - 2009. Bruns quit the NEA in 2009 after witnessing the mocking of conservative members to the point of bullying and virtual isolation of the union's own delegates.

Pawson says, "Spread the word through your social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and blogs. Mobilize your pro-America, pro-family, pro-life organizations, churches, TEA Party groups, and others. Recruit activists, colleagues, friends and families -- kids and teens, too -- and just come to DC. Don't look for leaders; be leaders. Come by automobile or MARTA (Yellow Line Train to: Mt Vernon Sq / 7th St. Convention Center)."

"July 2 is the first day of official business as 10,000 NEA delegates from all fifty states assemble for the opening session. Hundreds of world, national, state, and local news media organizations such as FOX, CBN, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS will cover and attend the NEA Convention. Since it's a Monday, this 'flash mob' demonstration has the potential to be a top story in the daily and weekly news cycles of the national media," said Pawson. "Especially since the NEA leadership is still nursing their wounds from the thrashing the union took in the Wisconsin recall last month."

Bring your own issue-oriented signs and posters: Be sure that they are neat, bold, and clearly legible for news cameras. Wear relevant t-shirts, buttons, caps, etc. Truth Trucks welcome. Take up strategic picketing positions along the sidewalks around the convention hall -- especially along L-Street and corners at 7th & 9th. Check Google Earth for preview tours. Smile. Be polite, civil, and courteous. Do not picket inside the Convention Center or impede pedestrians or traffic. Public access restrooms are nearby.

Pawson said, "The NEA Convention always takes place in a major US city during Independence Day week. What better way to discourage teachers with traditional American-family values from running to be delegates? They may as well have chosen Christmas or Easter. Every fourth year, the NEA Convention is held in Washington, DC -- just before Presidential elections. The NEA endorsed Obama rather prematurely at last year's convention in Chicago. I expect he'll address the NEA Convention again this year; all the more reason for Conservatives to show up and support this event."

"Why do millions of Americans oppose the NEA leadership? Why do hundreds of thousands of NEA members resent being forced to join -- or pay steep agency fees if they don't? It's because the NEA leadership's extremist, left-wing, ultra-liberal positions in social, moral, and political issues have nothing to do with collective bargaining. NEA's leftist 'educrats' have dragged the union through the mud of dozens of divisive issues and candidate endorsements. It must stop," says Pawson.

Bruns added, "In my opinion, the NEA is one of the most far-left organizations in America. It affects our children, and its influence reaches into our homes and society. Be on the public sidewalk outside the NEA Convention. Exercise your right to free speech -- while you still can."

Conservatives across America are encouraged to stage similar lunch-hour Picket-&-Pray 'Flash Mob' demonstrations at NEA affiliate offices in their state's capital city on Monday, July 2.


Current NEA Resolutions (see Section "I" on Family Planning)