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Fresh New Look at the Basics of Christian Life

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ENUMCLAW, Wash., Oct. 4 /Christian Newswire/ -- "Christianity is not a complicated set of rules, ways, and means to experience Christ," says Tony B. Rafer, author of "Basic Christian Life." "As Second Corinthians 11:3 says, Christianity is 'simplicity in Christ,' apart from being 'religious' and without the trappings of rituals, spirituality, or holier-than-thou poise." "Basic Christian Life" is a rediscovery of the rich truths of our relationship with God.


In his new book, Rafer explains that the Christian life begins with the one true God of love and mercy who gives eternal life to those who receive His Son, Jesus Christ. "The Christian life revolves around this restored relationship with God and our identity as God's Children," Rafer says. "It is about Christ living in us and us living in Him in close intimacy. 'Basic Christian Life' explains that baptism in Christ is a life-long identification with the Lord that the world may see Christ in us and may know that we have been with Jesus of Nazareth.


This book describes the journey of Christians from new birth to maturity and to perfection. We continue to grow in love, grace, and knowledge of the Lord through a on-going process of knowing, abiding, and being baptized into Christ. Spiritual growth involves sanctification--setting ourselves apart exclusively for God, and holiness—walking circumspectly and godly in lifestyle and behavior. "Yes, we can attain spiritual perfection unto the fullness of Lord!" Rafer says.


In "Basic Christian Life," Rafer proposes a return to a close adherence to biblical doctrines such as repentance, sin, salvation, new creation, baptism, and living by faith. His book counters the deception caused by sin, legalism, and spiritual malnourishment that often stifle a Christian's spiritual growth.


"This book challenges Christians to renew their love and zeal for the Lord and to press on to the prize of the high calling of God—a life full of the Lord Jesus Christ," Rafer says.


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