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Find the Joy in the Chaos of Raising Kids

As a full-time working mom of four kids, and a pastor's wife, it's just one storm after another...

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AMBOY, Ind., June 18, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- Although motherhood can be overwhelming, stressful and chaotic, there are those magical moments when the joy and humor make all the craziness seem worthwhile.

To keep it in perspective, follow author Lori Elliott's rules for motherhood:

  1. Running away doesn't solve anything -- you'll miss the chaos and go back, before you think you will.
  2. Don't sweat the small stuff; the dishes can wait.
  3. When you get overwhelmed, try to have a sense of humor, take a breath and let it go.
  4. If we trust in God, even when we can't see where he is leading us, we receive unexpected blessings that we wouldn't dream to ask for!

"I started my first blog, www.playdoughintheparsonage.com about three years ago. It was an outlet to write about the challenges of motherhood and also about the funny adventures of our kids. I decided this year to convert the posts into a book called RUNNING THROUGH THE RAINDROPS: Finding Joy in the Chaos of Raising Kids.

"It's a collection of stories about our children: Drew, Caleb, Ethan and Emma, and the challenges and struggles my husband, Dwight, and I have faced while parenting twins, a special needs child, and a teenager.

"Parents need to learn to laugh at our mistakes and not stress that we are 'doing it wrong.' Kids are hilarious! We need to make it a priority to take time out of our busy schedules to share their wonder, joy, and excitement, because they grow up way too fast! We have also realized along the way that our plans are not the same as God's plans - his plans are always better!"

Lori Elliott lives in Amboy, IN, and began writing blog posts as therapy. She speaks at local events to raise awareness of autism. Lori is working on her next book about her son, Caleb, and the challenges of raising a child with special needs.

Media inquiries can be directed to: playdoughintheparsonage@gmail.com 

You can also find Lori at her blogs: www.playdoughintheparsonage.com, or www.calebsvoice.com or visit her Facebook page: www.facebook.com/Playdoughintheparsonage

PublishSavvy (2013) List Price: $10.95
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