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Rev. Peterson: 'Obama is NOT a Christian -- Why Won't Rev. Franklin Graham and Rick Santorum Admit it?'

Contact: Ermias Alemayehu, BOND Action, 213-804-1872

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 23, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Founder and President of BOND Action and the South Central L.A. Tea Party (SCLA TP) released a statement rebuking GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum and Rev. Franklin Graham -- two leading Christian figures -- for their timid response when questioned about President Barack Obama's radical interpretation of Christian tenets. He cited Santorum's recent backpedaling after he faced some controversy for questioning Obama's "phony theology;" and Rev. Graham's refusal to answer truthfully when asked on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" whether he believes the president is a Christian. Graham said he doesn't know whether Obama is a Christian. However, Graham did say that there was "no question" that Santorum and Gingrich are men of faith.

    "I am certain without a doubt that Barack Hussein Obama is NOT a Christian. It's unfortunate that Rev. Graham and Rick Santorum won't be completely honest about Barack Obama even though his deeds are contrary to Christian values.

    "Both these men oppose Obama's recent contraceptive mandate and assault on the Christian conscience. They know that for 20 years Obama worshipped in Rev. Jeremiah Wright's racist Black Liberation Theology-based church. They fully grasp the spiritual connection America has with Israel and see that Obama is no friend of the Jewish State. Rev. Graham has said that Obama is more concerned with the plight of Muslims than the Christians that are being murdered in the Muslim countries. Still these Christian leaders cannot tell the truth about Obama. Why?

    "I do agree with Santorum that this is a 'spiritual war' and that 'Satan is targeting the U.S.' which is precisely why I believe Barack Obama was selected and elected. I'm convinced that the weak-kneed timidity that's preventing many white conservative Christians from pointing out Obama's wickedness is a result of their fear of being labeled 'racist.'

    "Evil understands that most white Christians have been intimidated and are too afraid to stand up to it. Especially when it is operating in the form of an American hating Socialist black president who appears to be more in harmony with Muhammad than he is with Christ."
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