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Growing Up Under Nazi Rule, Ex-Candidate for Congress Finds Similarities with Islamic Extremists

Appreciate freedom or lose God's continued blessings warns writer

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BALTIMORE, Md., Oct. 14 /Christian Newswire/ -- "Fanatics rule Islam at this time in history. It is no different than what I experienced with Nazi rule in my own homeland," says Dr. John Vandenberge. "We think it won't happen to us. We think we are too smart to allow such atrocities." Growing up in Nazi-occupied Holland, Vandenberge now says the two worldviews have similarities.

A former candidate for Congress, he is an outspoken patriot who warns the west that what happened in his native country can happen elsewhere if we don't heed the signs. He says the Dutch government knew about Nazi threat and chose to ignore these in much the same way some westerners choose to see Islam as a "peace-loving" religion.

While it is unfair to categorize all Muslims as terrorists who hate the west, it is fair to say something in the Islamic worldview is not working.  Just as the character of an individual is apparent by their acts, says Vanderberge, so is the character of a belief system.

The author of From Tyranny to Freedom, Vandenberge is deeply concerned that the U.S. and the west are not taking radical Islam seriously anymore than the people of Europe took Hitler's actions. "The peaceful majority did not speak up until it was too late," he explains. "Before the war, Holland was one of the best fed and healthiest countries. But after five short years, it was a miserable place."

Vandenberge's perspective is compelling in our post 9/11 world. "We must protect this nation's sovereignty," he explains.  A staunch supporter of America and the freedoms we enjoy, he says, "Most people living in freedom do not appreciate freedom until it is taken away from them."

Our founding fathers had it right, he explains. We received our rights from God; they didn't come from government.  "Isn't it an interesting concept to hold individual citizens responsible for the actions of their government?" Vandenberge asks rhetorically.  "Tyrants seem to win occasionally, but their victories are short-lived, temporary, with a lot of damage and loss of life. Then, when the taste of freedom comes again, it is really welcomed with great enthusiasm and inner joy," explains Vandenberge.

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