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Tipping Point Announces Seven Mountains Gathering in San Antonio: April 18-20, 2013

Summary: The "Unconference;" God's Grand Scheme; a Gathering of Modern-Day Joseph's will take place in April in San Antonio, Texas, for locals, international business people and more.

Contact: Charles Robinson, 512-250-9006; www.TippingPointGathering.com

SAN ANTONIO, Texas, Feb. 11, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- The two-and-half day conference, called "The Tipping Point - God's Grand Scheme" will take place April 18-20, 2013, in San Antonio, Texas. This marketplace ministry conference will include people from the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa and others will converge in the "Alamo City." Attending the event will be leaders Randy Demain, Keith Miller, Morris Ruddick and Andre Bisasor from Harvard University, Kevin Freeman on Global Economic Warfare and Charles Robinson of WISE Ministries International www.CoachMyBusiness.com, plus local and international business people, educators, film producers and directors, politicians and clergymen.

Each market place ministry presenter will offer vital information, whether it covers government, the economy, personal or business finance funding, societal issues, entertainment or spirituality. Participants will be expecting God to speak to them specifically about their geographic region, their finances, families and especially answering the question; "What does the future hold?"

Charles Robinson, convener of the gathering, calls it an "Unconference." Charles says, "The 'Unconference' has been developed from the bottom-up and is designed to be highly participative, interactive and unscripted." Much like the format of the TED Talks, the Tipping Point "Rifle" Speakers present short, 15 minute talks with "jaw-dropping" material that keeps listeners wanting more. The main point of the "Unconference," is to make a memorable impact, foster relationships and influence listeners based on the material covered. Following the talks will be round table discussions during, which the speakers can answer questions to delve deeper into topics of interest. New relationships and trust will be forged at the Tipping Point Gathering.

Based upon the book "Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell, the conference touches on how small changes can turn into much larger ones. "Well, that pretty much describes a lot of the facets of our lives today," says Charles. "You can't even watch Fox News without seeing several Tipping Points -- most of which are being ignored by the 'experts' in government or business. There are Tipping Points all around us like the proverbial frog who sits in a pot of water that is beginning to boil - not even aware that he is slowly being boiled to death. Consider us your ultimate 'Fact Checker.'"

Charles goes on to say, "Leaders come to Tipping Point gatherings to solve problems that seem 'too big' to solve. God's people have the answers. Each of us has a piece of the puzzle, and when we gather, we can all see the bigger picture, which is why we call it 'God's Grand Scheme.' We see that the small piece God has given us to solve is very important in the Grand Scheme of things. It's immensely encouraging. For example, this year we are adding a new invention's forum to help inventors get the word out and get funded."

To learn more about Tipping Point and hear a personal message from Charles Robinson, preview: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PRjD2uKRAw.

About the Tipping Point
Tipping Point helps lead people in the right direction with clear, concise and factual information the typical person needs to know -- directly from proven experts. Participants gather, learn and grow together -- whether it is at the national conference or in the monthly Tipping Point Network Meetings
www.TippingPointNW.com or in the Seven Mountains meetings www.7MCouncil.com. For more about this years' "Unconference," visit WISE Ministries International's website at www.CoachMyBusiness.com, email or call (512) 250-9006.