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New Book Dismantles Popular Thinking on Faith and Finance

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DALLAS, Sept. 19 /Christian Newswire/ -- Economic calamities have ruled the headlines in the past months--record high gas prices, home foreclosures, poverty in America, poverty overseas. Who, or what, is to blame for this suffering and how do we live with these new realities? Popular opinion indicts the capitalist market that promotes greed and corruption. This sounds like the obvious moral and, therefore, Christian response. But what does Jesus really say about Christians and the economy?

In Economic Parables, David Cowan demonstrates how Christians can follow Jesus in a complicated and increasingly globalized economic world by listening directly to His word and the parables He told. "The economy is like a mirror. It simply reflects who we are and what we're doing. It measures wants and needs," Cowan states. "As a society, and particularly as believers in Christ, we can look in that mirror, and if we don't like what we see, the problem is ours--not the economy's."

The average Christian is asking tough questions. How will I pay the next bill? Will I get the promotion or a job? What about my 401K and the impact it has on my future? How do I respond to the desperate poverty in the world? In addressing these and other difficult issues, Cowan brings a unique perspective, one that incorporates theological study with real-world economic experience gleaned from over twenty years as a journalist, editor, and bank executive in Europe and North America. He is also a respected and much sought-after speaker on faith and finances, with a fall schedule that includes appearances at Christian chambers of commerce and the Christian Leadership Alliance (formerly the Christian Management Alliance).

Economic Parables has been designated as required reading for stewardship classes through the Lutheran church and was recently featured in a denominational stewardship newsletter. Each chapter in the book includes a parable, a reflection by Cowan, and some thought-provoking questions for readers to consider. The answers are conspicuously absent; Economic Parables will provide the basis for informed discussion among believers to decide for themselves how they can live faithfully in the economy. The book is ideal for personal or group Bible study.

"In the divine economy, there is no competition," Cowan reflects. "There is only one Lord. Let's listen to Him."