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Randall Terry's Team to Hold Press Conference at Notre Dame and at Fort Wayne Diocesan Office

In Bishop Jenky's defense: Randall Terry's associates hold press conference, and deliver rebuke to Notre Dame staff.

Contact: Juan Lepanto, 202-531-7547

SOUTH BEND, Ind., April 26, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Background: On Saturday, April 14, Bishop Daniel Jenky, Peoria IL, delivered a homily at the annual Peoria men's march Mass in which he made comments linking the behavior of Hitler, Stalin, and President Obama. Over 100 Notre Dame faculty have taken issue with these comments and signed a letter which they sent to Notre Dame President Fr. John Jenkins, and Chair of the Board of Trustees, Richard Notebaert, demanding that Bishop Jenky apologize, that he resign from the Board, and, in addition, that the school publicly distance itself from Jenky.

On Thursday, April 26, members of Randall Terry's team, along with some of the 88 people (known as the ND 88) who were arrested in May 2009, surrounding Obama's infamous Notre Dame commencement address, will arrive at the University of Notre Dame, calling out the faculty who signed the faculty's condemnatory letter. 

After delivering their own response letter to the Faculty, they will bring a copy to ND president Jenkins and Chair Notebaert, and then proceed to the University front gate where they will hold a press conference.

Finally, in solidarity with Bishop Kevin Rhoades, of Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese, they will hold a press conference in front of the Diocesan offices.

Thursday, April 26

11:00 AM

Press Conference

Gate of University of Notre Dame

Intersection of East Angela Blvd and Notre Dame Ave.

Notre Dame, IN 46556

2:00 PM

Press Conference

Diocesan Offices of Fort Wayne-South Bend

915 South Clinton Street 

Fort Wayne, IN 46802

The following letter is being delivered in person Thursday morning to President Jenkins and to various members of Notre Dame faculty:

    Dear Fr. Jenkins and Richard Notebaert,
    April 26, 2012

    Below is the letter which we have sent to the faculty members who signed the statement against Bishop Jenky.

    We hope that you will take immediate action against the faculty who have unethically cast aspersions upon a holy bishop, and have flagrantly promoted positions against the teachings of the Church.

      Dear esteemed faculty of Notre Dame,

      Have you actually read Bishop Jenky's homily that you so forcefully condemn?

      There was not one word in his homily - not one syllable - that was not true. With pathos and charity, he upheld the teachings of the Catholic Church, defended human life and liberty, and rightly rebuked the President for his actions.

      You stated that Bishop Jenky showed an "ignorance of history, [and an] insensitivity to victims of genocide." It is you who show a profound ignorance of the history; it is you who show a calloused insensitivity to the victims of the abortion holocaust...the millions of babies who are being murdered under Obama's policies, whose mangled bodies are thrown in sewers and landfills.

      Obama is clearly at war with the Catholic Church's teachings on human life and liberty; he is clearly promoting the genocide of millions of babies; and he is clearly seeking to coerce the Church to participate in his crimes against humanity.

      Have you no shame? You clearly have little honor, and even less regard for innocent human life. There was not one word - not one syllable - in your letter that condemned or confronted the atrocities being committed by Obama. By your words and your omissions, you show your own treachery against innocent human life, and the teachings of the Church. You have betrayed Jesus Christ, Mother Church, and the babies who are being slaughtered.

      The souls of the innocent - who have been dispatched into eternity under Obama's evils - will testify against you.

      We call on you to repent, or to at least have the decency to resign from a University that bears the Holy Name of the Mother of God.

      May God have mercy on your souls. You are going to need it.

      We leave you with the words which the honorable Bishop placed at the end of his homily:

      Christus vincit! Christus regnat! Christus imperat!

      Christ wins! Christ reigns! Christ commands!


      Randall Terry, ND 88

      Ed Faddoul, ND 88

      Andrew Beacham, ND 88

      Deborah Hollingsworth

      David Lewis

      George Offerman, ND 88

      Michael R. Hirsh, Esq.,
      Official prolife emissary to Rodentia in Academia.

      Mario Paveglio

      David Mitchell, ND 88

      Chris Marsh

      Dick Retta, ND 88

      Ruby Nicdao

      Ruth Cosgrove

      Gary Boisclair