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Conservative Church Leader Confronts Jeremiah Wright

Contact: Peggy Birchfield, 202-236-0953.


WASHINGTON, April 28 /Christian Newswire/ -- Conservative church leader Rev. Rob Schenck (pronounced SHANK) today respectfully confronted Barack Obama's long-time pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.


This morning Rev. Schenck met and spoke personally to Dr. Wright before his speech to the National Press Club, warning the controversial minister about his theology.


Rev. Schenck brought an admonishment from members of the National Clergy Council executive Committee that includes prominent African American clergy.


Schenck conveyed to Wright a warning against the preacher's Marxist liberation theology, telling him it's his source of trouble and he needs to drop it.


Rev. Schenck said, "I was respectful but firm. Dr. Wright's brand of black theology places him firmly in company with  violent groups who use bombs and grenades in the name of religion. His speech today did not separate him from these militant groups."


Schenck said, "I respect this man enough to tell him the truth, as he says he does to others, whether they like what he says or not. The truth is Jeremiah Wright's theology puts him in a camp of Marxist revolutionaries who use guns and grenades in the name of religion. He needs to explicitly and unequivocally denounce the violent extremists in the liberation theology movement and drop its Marxist-socialist anti-American ideology."


Rev. Schenck will be available to the media for comment immediately after today's National Press Club Breakfast featuring Sen. Barack Obama's long-time pastor, Dr. Jeremiah Wright. Contact Peggy Birchfield at 202-236-0953.