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'Awake Sweden' Annual Conference Begins June 5 - 8, 2013 in Goteborg, Sweden

God is bringing a mighty wave of the Holy Spirit to Sweden for restoring the nation back to her rightful position in His Kingdom. "AWAKE SWEDEN" is a part of this great move of God. It is organized in partnership with various churches in Sweden and the central purpose is to rediscover and restore the lost glory. It is expected that it will awake the sleeping giants and foster a united force in the body of Christ.

Contact: Pastor Ola Oluayo, 46-704-902-427

GOTEBORG, Sweden, May 21, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- Pastor Ola Oluayo had a vision in the year 2007 to bring ministers of the Gospel together for the purpose of unity and to enhance the move of God in Sweden. This led to the birth of an international ministers' conference in the year 2011.

It was an occasion to remember in the annals of history of this great country in Scandinavia. A country loved by God and by all.

Awake Sweden is an annual Conference of leaders and believers in the Body of Christ. It is a forum to acknowledge and share the Word of God and seek His face for the land. It is also a forum for children of God, irrespective of their denominations to meet and know each other thereby creating a network rooted in Christ for the purpose of world soul winning. Also it is a source of inspiration for upcoming Christian ministers and an eye opener to those who have not yet understood the message of the truth of the Gospel.

Awake Sweden 2013 is aimed at achieving all the above mentioned purposes. God has given us great victory. Therefore victory is your portion as you attend this meeting in Jesus name. This year's guest speakers are: Bishop Francis Wale Oke, Pastor Bent Altschul, Hans Marklund, Roger Larsson, and Ingemar Helmner.

The conference web site is www.awakesweden.com.

Bishop Francis Wale Oke He is the President and Founder of The Sword of the Spirit Ministries with headquarters in Ibadan, Nigeria. He conducts mass crusades regularly, which God is pleased to use to draw great multitudes into His kingdom again and again. He travels widely around the nations of the world preaching and teaching the word of God with prophetic insight, in the power of the Holy Spirit. He had carried his crusade to even states that are sharia-based. He had taken his missionary exploits to several countries including the former Soviet Union where Christianity was intolerable. A graduate of the University of Lagos, he has authored over forty books including best sellers "Alone With God," "The Weapon of our Warfare," and "The Precious Blood of Jesus." He is the founder and the Presiding Bishop of Christ Life Church and the pioneer President of the International Bible College of Ministries and Seminary (IBCOMS) with the main campus in Ibadan, Nigeria and satellite campuses around the world. He is married with children. Visit: www.bishopwaleoke.com.

Pastor Bent Altschul A Jewish infant miraculously saved from the terrors of the Holocaust, Bent Altschul (Benjamin Altschul) was raised in a Swedish orphanage. Later, upon reaching adulthood, he came to America and, with only $100, founded a Midwestern publishing company, an entrepreneurial endeavor that led to annual profits in the millions by the mid 1970's.

But with all his earthly possessions and overwhelming success, all Bent could conclude was, "You can't out-give God." During a terribly tumultuous time in the business, Bent experienced an urgent calling in his heart to enter the Christian ministry. He returned to his ongoing Biblical scholarship with renewed vigor. A surprisingly gentle man blessed with teaching and artistic gifts, "The healing happens," according to one witness, "while he tells."

In the ensuing thirty years, a staff was formed and anointed to help establish his ministry. But while his ability to move hearts through interpretation of parables and his ceaseless compassion may be steeped in tradition, the Great Among The Nations approach is anything but. Visit: www.gatn.org.

Hans Marklund Hans works as a pastor in Korskyrkan Alingsas 50%, and the rest of his time goes to traveling and preaching. He arranges travels to Israel and is involved in the Swedish Christian channel 10. He is married to Eva and has four children. Visit: www.hansmarklundsblogg.blogspot.se.

Roger Larsson Roger Larsson has a evangelistic and prophetic ministry. In Roger we see a sharp prophetic anointing in combination with a evangelists heart to reach the lost with the message of Jesus Christ! He also is the founder of "Evangelist fonden." Visit: www.evangelistfonden.se.

Ingemar Helmner Ingemar is a Swedish evangelist, pastor and writer. He has arranged many campaigns and has also worked as a pastor in Citykyrkan and Filadelfiakyrkan. He is involved in the Swedish Christian channel 10. He is married and has five children. He is also a singer and has released many albums.

Ola & Christiana Oluayo We are a ministry dedicated to the apostolic work of God to all nations, a restoration ministry where leaders are being trained to disciple the nations. Visit: www.cornerstoneministries.se.