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Swedish Government Jails Homeschool Father
Contact: Ian Slatter, Home School Legal Defense Association, 540-338-8663
PURCELLVILLE, Va., Dec. 6, 2010 /Christian Newswire/ -- Christer Johansson, the father of 9 year-old Domenic Johansson, and husband of Annie Johansson, was recently jailed by Swedish authorities after taking his son home for a short but "unapproved" overnight visit.
"The Swedish government has created an intolerable situation for this family, and have overreacted to Mr. Johansson taking Domenic home for the overnight visit." said Michael Donnelly, HSLDA staff attorney.   
One and a half years ago Swedish police boarded a plane where the Johanssons were leaving the country for Annie's home country of India. The police had no warrant and did not charge the Johansson's with a crime.  
Authorities cite homeschooling, a few untreated cavities, and the Johansson's decision not to vaccinate Domenic according to the Swedish recommended vaccination schedule as the reasons given for the continued separation.
"This family is just being crushed by the Swedish government. The treatment of the Johanssons is a disgrace. They are only allowed to visit Domenic for 1 hour every five weeks and a 15 minute phone call every two," said Donnelly.
Ruby Harrold-Claesson, a noted international human rights lawyer and president of the Nordic Committee for Human Rights said that she had "never in 20 years of practice seen a case more badly handled."
"The government shouldn't abduct and imprison children simply because it doesn't like homeschooling. That's exactly what happened here," said Alliance Defense Fund Legal Counsel Roger Kiska, who is based in Europe. "Despite the ill-advised decision on the part of Mr. Johansson, the only menace here is a government drunk with its own power. This sad circumstance is what happens when an over-powerful government pushes a parent to the point of desperation, so social services should not pretend to be surprised."
HSLDA, in partnership with ADF, has appealed the Johansson case to the European Court of Human Rights.
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