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The Public Also Wants Porn Filtered on Flights

Contact: Girls Against Porn, www.myspace.com/wrap2007, girlsagainstporn@gmail.com

NASHVILLE, Sept. 18 /Christian Newswire/ -- Girls Against Porn is sending a letter, co-signed by organizations, to American Airlines, stating it is in the airline's best interest to filter porn as part of its in-flight Internet. The leaders of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants voiced concern over being designated "moral police" of the in-flight service. They want it filtered. Blogs and complaints from the public concur. Porn is indecent; hardcore pornography can be prosecuted under federal obscenity laws.

The coalition letter expresses concern for children and passengers who are exposed to pornography. Seating is already confined. It isn't fair if someone has to sit next to someone viewing porn. In fact, many passengers will not tolerate this! Flight attendants and customers have already complained. This leads to the risk of security issues aboard a flight given that confrontations will arise.

The letter details, "the airlines are taking a risk, opening themselves up to lawsuits from customers who are exposed to porn or the effects." American Airlines has already been sued for $200,000, by a passenger who alleges while sleeping woke up to find a substance in her hair, from another passenger masturbating. Porn and masturbation go hand in hand and the airlines run the risk of having this happen repeatedly if Internet isn't filtered. In January 2007, the family of an 11 year old girl sued Delta Airlines alleging she was molested by a male passenger.

The letter states, "If passengers who view porn, decide to act upon that, if there is a child flying in that row, airlines have opened the door for traumatic experiences and lawsuits." Airlines should be taking precautions to protect passengers from similar incidents. Concerned citizens will be supporting airlines that have taken the passenger safe stance by applying filters, such as Jet Blue, Continental, and Qantas.

This is a call to the public, and parents, who should e-mail American Airlines Communications: corp.comm@aa.com, or call AA headquarters at, 817-963-1234, and press 0. Tell them to correct this mistake and insist they apply filters to Internet services immediately.

Girls Against Porn (www.girlsagainstporn.com) is an on-line resource and action coalition for women who have a loved one involved in porn, and for anyone who wishes to get involved in the fight against porn and enforcement of obscenity laws.