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New Book Encourages Pride and Patriotism in Our Kids

Contact: Marijo Tinlin, 303-807-9790, marijo@raisinganamericanpatriot.com

SUPERIOR, Colo., May 31, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- 13 Interviews with patriots -- some you've heard of; some you need to hear from, including Former Attorney General Ed Meese, Red State's Erick Erickson, author/columnist Jackie Gingrich Cushman, actress Janine Turner, Hillsdale College president Dr. Larry Arnn, and others, telling stories about their childhoods, how they have raised or are raising their children and advice for parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, about how to instill patriotism in kids.

This books talks about heroes. Some you've heard of -- George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln -- and some you may not have, but you should - Jocko Graves, Marc Allan Lee, Conrad Braaten.  Heroes make us proud. They inspire us. They teach us about ourselves.

You'll want to learn more about these people. You'll want to teach your kids about these people. And I guarantee you will see the interest appear in your kids.

Teach them about these people because your kids are most likely not learning about them in school.

The participants are all great patriots and include:

  • Ed Meese, former Attorney General and staff member under President Reagan, retired colonel and current chairman of public policy at The Heritage Foundation.
  • Jackie Gingrich Cushman, syndicated columnist, daughter of Newt Gingrich, and author of "The Essential American."
  • Erick Erickson, editor of RedState.com, radio host, CNN contributor and author of the current best-seller "Red State Uprising."
  • Rachel Campos-Duffy, fill-in conservative voice on The View, author, wife of newly-minted Representative from Wisconsin Sean Duffy.
  • Kevin Jackson, political pundit, blogger and author of "The BIG Black Lie." Currently on tour with Joe "The Plumber" Wurzelbacher.
  • Debbie Lee, Gold Star mom and founder of America's Mighty Warriors, a troop-support organization, also a speaker for the Tea Party Express.
  • Reverend Steven Craft, pastor, author, former prison chaplain and national speaker for the John Birch Society.
  • Charlie Rhoads, former military officer, CEO of Joe Foss Institute teaching patriotism and providing scholarships, and board member of America's Mighty Warriors.
  • Rick Green, former Texas legislator, businessman, author and national speaker for Wallbuilders, an organization dedicated to educating America about its founding.
  • Cathy Gillespie, political and philanthropic activist, co-founder of Constituting America, an organization devoted to teaching Americans about The Constitution, and wife of former Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie.
  • Janine Turner, actress, author, speaker, founder of Constituting America, and radio talk show host, The Janine Turner Show, on Talk Radio 570 KLIF.
  • Dr. Larry Arnn, president of Hillsdale College, the premier educational institute for constitutional principles, in Hillsdale, Michigan. The college publishes Imprimis, the monthly newsletter with almost 2 million in circulation.
  • Seth Swirsky, award-winning songwriter, singer, artist, filmmaker and musician living in the heart of Beverly Hills and raising proud conservative children despite that.

Inside, you'll find these points:

  • We, as a nation, often apologize for our rich heritage.
  • We talk more about oppression, racism and greed, and not enough about bravery, brilliance, fortitude and most of all, faith.
  • We have sanitized God out of our founding when He is the reason for our being.
  • We don't stress the accomplishments of the founders of this country, of all colors.
  • We talk a lot about our victims, not much our heroes.

Each chapter ends with bullet points on how to raise patriotic kids and the book's final section summarizes all of these points into one list. A handful of these many helpful ideas include:

  • Teach your kids to think for themselves.
  • Get involved in civic activities -- take them with you when you vote.
  • Read the original documents, such as the Constitution, with your kids and discuss what it means to them.
  • Take family trips to see our great historic places.
  • Teach your kids that God is the cornerstone of our founding and continued greatness.

"Marijo Tinlin has given us the perfect resource for every family and school library! Since our public schools no longer teach solid civics education, it is the lucky child who has an adult who finds this book of tips and uses it to bring informed patriotism and love of US history alive again." --Virginia "Ginni" Thomas, Founder, LibertyCentral.org, President, Liberty Consulting, Inc. and wife of Justice Clarence Thomas

"'How to Raise an American Patriot" will help moms and dads across our great nation to instill the virtues and values that define our American character. Sharing the insights and wisdom of 13 patriotic Americans, Marijo Tinlin reminds us that we must build our nation one family at a time. It's up to America's parents to strengthen our country by raising the next generation of American patriots." -- Marybeth Hicks, Columnist, The Washington Times

"How to Raise an American Patriot: Making it Okay for Our Kids to Be Proud to Be American"
By Marijo N. Tinlin, editor of Family First (www.familyfirst.com, one of the oldest family-oriented websites on the internet), blogger, wife, and mother. (Morgan James Publishing, July 4, 2011, $17.95, ISBN 978-1600379505). Website is www.raisinganamericanpatriot.com.

For more information, interviews, media and review copies, please contact marijo@raisinganamericanpatriot.com or call 303-807-9790.

Please visit www.raisinganamericanpatriot.com for further information. 
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