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New Book an Rx for When Life's Not Working
Contact: Josiah Williams, Publicist, WinePress Publishing, 360-802-9758, Josiah@winepresspublishing.com  
ENUMCLAW, Wash., Sept. 12, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- Charlie Sheen might insist that he's winning, but author Peggy Park would disagree. In "Unshackled: Experiencing True Freedom for Men and Women" (WinePress Publishing, 2011), Park says she's seen firsthand many problems that arise from living by our impulses and self-will. Many adults live unfulfilled lives ruled by addictions, wrong attitudes, and self-defeating behaviors, she maintains--and she once did herself, but now she has discovered principles for walking in true freedom.
"The way to true freedom," Park says, "is found in living by the guidelines set forth by the one who created us, knows all about us, and will give us the power to break free by coming to actually live within us when he is invited."
"Unshackled" describes the pathway for breaking free of these chains that bind, beginning with a transformational relationship with Jesus and then embracing his instructions for living. The book includes true stories of people who have struggled and relates how they broke free, plus specific steps readers can take to experience the same freedom.
Park says raising three children and working as a nurse, as well as numerous civic, school, and church involvements, gave her ample opportunity to experience areas of dysfunction in her own life, as well in the lives of those she interacted with.
Each chapter in the book concludes with several personal, pointed questions to help readers evaluate themselves and implement the teaching in that chapter.
Service organizations and churches in Lexington, Kentucky, where Park lives, use a series of discipleship brochures Peggy created that give clear, practical steps to living a life of true freedom. Her first book, "The Power of the Lamb's Blood," was published in 2004. She has written numerous published magazine articles and blogs at her website, www.parkpraisepublications.com.
For nine years Park worked as an oncology nurse at the University of Kentucky Medical Center. Medical missions trips took her to Cambodia and Honduras, and in 2010 she traveled to Pakistan where she became the first woman to teach in Pakistan in a church setting. Park and her husband also have befriended African refugees over a number of years.
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