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Passing by Nehushtan Makes the Case that the Church Has Been Destroyed Through Refusal of Messianic Prophecy as its 'Vital Center'

Contact: Bruce K. Silverthorne, 904-305-5050, bsilver@poetworld.net; www.bksilverthorne.com

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Oct. 20, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- A new book entitled Passing by Nehushtan, released in two volumes in July 2013, takes a new approach to understanding the internal disintegration of the Church by establishing "the only thing that it could not afford to relegate without destroying itself, and the only thing it never thought could not be relegated toward the result of its destruction: Messianic prophecy."

B. K. Silverthorne, describing himself as a "Bible student" and "casual biblical symbolist," explains the Old Testament as a period in which God built by prediction a law of history for His Son to complete through perfect, obedient fulfillment. This completed "symbol" of the Person of Christ and the Old Testament oracles would establish Christ's supremacy over the religious impulse of man, reforming it, and making it subject to God alone.

"However, the Church has attempted to draw the revelation downward, not only by the replacement of this singular faith motivation with such things as human authority, feeling, reason, doctrinal conclusions, false wonders and tradition, but it has twisted the meaning of any particular Bible passage by the fallacy of composition."

Specifically, this fallacy is the practice of putting the part of the whole or the whole for the part, downgrading essentials and raising what are dependencies of those essentials. The post-apostolic world increasingly framed the faith experience and content of what is most crucial to salvation as one of many parts of a whole set of possible motivations, placing messianic prophecy primarily as an apologetic tool, while it was always the informational center around which theology, faith, and practice revolved. Consequently, the entire New Testament symbolic compositional paradigm, as God intended it, was moved askew in such a way that glaring errors of exegesis were made to appear as mainstream and reasonable, and the results of a Holy illumination.

Passing by Nehushtan will appeal to anyone concerned about addressing the real problems in the Church and transferring those answers to their congregations instead of, as Silverthorne calls them, the usual "pablums and bromides." "It's a way of reading scripture that has never been used, much less even suggested, since about 100 A.D."

B. K. Silverthorne is available for print or radio interviews.

Passing by Nehushtan
July 2013
ISBNs: 978-0-9893851-3-8, 978-0-9893851-4-5
800 plus pages in two volumes