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A Christian Guide for Coping with Cancer 'Outside the Box' Helps Us Prepare for an Uncertain Future: A Must-Read for Preventing and Reversing Illness

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SPANISH LOOKOUT, Belize, Sept. 21 /Christian Newswire/ -- Cancer and other illnesses are on the rise -- we yearn for better and more cost efficient healthcare. World unrest, economic uncertainty, natural and man-made disasters are occurring more frequently -- we require healthful guidelines for our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Released this summer, Setting Yourself Apart from the Seeds of Cancer: A Natural Health and Survival Guide -- co-authored by Dr. Morris F. Keller and his wife, Kathryn Rose Mandel-Keller -- enables us to meet these challenges at a much needed time.

Dr. Keller survived a cancerous death-sentence using only natural methods. Keller was shown a new path and purpose for his life in serving God by teaching others time-tested, learned principles and techniques for healthful living. Published for non-profit by Fountain of Life Church in Belize, this book encourages us to return to biblical truth and reveals how modern lifestyles, industrial and agricultural practices influence our health. Readers will discover the sound reasoning behind and the details for doing a detoxification program, for making healthier lifestyle choices, and for leading others by their own example.

"Your body has the ability to heal itself if you give it a chance," Keller says. "Illness is the body out of balance. One must address the chemical, nutritional, physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances. My purpose is to teach others how to prevent illness and cleanse their bodies of toxins. I tell the story of how other researchers and Doctors -- Kelley, Gerson, Jenson and Reams -- paved the way for me with proven protocols used in my recovery from colon/pancreatic cancer."

Born, raised and educated in America, Dr. Keller and his wife are now health missionaries living in a modern-day Mennonite community in Belize. Their book reflects Dr. Keller's diverse life experiences: first as a student, then as a physician/surgeon, a cancer survivor, nutritional coach, chef, artisan baker, organic farmer and teacher. A culmination of his seventy-two years, Dr. Keller's personal history and spiritual journey from Judaism to Christianity poses a challenge to readers to re-evaluate their own lives and be willing to change -- to improve their own health, the health of society and of this planet. Together, the Kellers continue to coach students and present free natural health seminars providing hope and basic tools for emergency survival.

All royalties go toward missions work.

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