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Ministry Urges Churches to Celebrate Creation Sunday, Not Evolution Sunday

Contact: Rev Tony Breeden, CreationLetter.com, 304-993-4792, creationletter@yahoo.com 

CHARLESTON, WV, Jan. 26 /Christian Newswire/ -- CreationLetter.com is urging churches to celebrate Creation Sunday this February 14th to counter the Clergy Letter Project's Evolution Sunday, scheduled on the same date.

As the Year of Darwin comes to a close and we enter the Post-Darwin Century, CreationLetter.com is renewing its efforts to answer the challenge the Clergy Letter Project represents to the plain, traditional interpretation of Genesis.

Since 2004, the Clergy Letter Project has been recruiting ministers as evolution advocates, promoting the idea that "religious truth is of a different order than scientific truth," echoing an unBiblical notion popularized by the late Stephen J Gould: non-overlapping magisteria, or NOMA.

"Jesus refuted the concept of NOMA in John 3:12," notes CreationLetter.com founder Rev. Tony Breeden, "when He pointedly asked Nicodemus, 'If I've told you of earthly things and ye believe not, how shall ye believe if I tell ye of spiritual things?' How can you trust the Bible for spiritual things like the Gospel for salvation when you can't trust what Genesis says about earthly things like biology, geology and so on? The Bible isn't a science textbook, but if we can't trust it when it speaks on science, when can we trust it?"

Nevertheless, the Clergy Letter has a list of over 12,000 ministers who affirm that evolution is true while the Genesis record is a teaching myth like Aesop's Fables.

"We don't follow cleverly devised fables. The plain meaning of Genesis is clear: supernatural creation in six calendar days. It's sad when ministers compromise the authority of God's revealed Word in favor of man's fallible opinions. So-called science advocacy [read: evolution enforcement] groups use those 12,000 clergy signatures to allege that Christians need have no problem with evolution. Yet statistics demonstrate that most children who are taught evolution as scientific fact go on to reject religious truth wholesale," states Rev. Breeden. "That's a real concern. Nobody thinks of eternity when they preach Darwin from our pulpits on an Evolution Sunday."

CreationLetter.com provides an opportunity for Christians to answer this challenge to Biblical authority and the foundational basis of the Gospel. Visitors can sign a Creation Letter affirming the historical veracity of a literal Genesis. They'll also find information on how to celebrate Creation Sunday this February 14th in place of the Clergy Letter's Evolution Sunday.

CreationLetter.com is a ministry of DefendingGenesis.org.