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Sarah Palin is an Idiot

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FRONT ROYAL, Va., Nov. 4 /Christian Newswire/ -- Sarah Palin is an idiot. At least that is the conclusion one would reach if the mainstream media and entertainment industries were the only sources of information about the Republican candidate for Vice President of the United States.

The popular governor of the 49th state, Palin has been disparaged by the media and political pundits and lampooned by comedians and pundits.

"I think that there's a really good chance that Sarah Palin could be president and I think that's a really scary thing." liberal actor Matt Damon said in an interview.

The Eagle, a Bryan-College Station, Tex., newspaper, called Palin "a candidate of little intellectual curiosity who appears to be hopelessly unready to be president."

"When it was first announced that Senator McCain had picked Governor Palin, most people knew nothing about her," said Douglas R. Scott, Jr., president of the pro-life organization Life Decisions International. "After the Governor's incredible acceptance speech at the Republican convention, most people were thoroughly impressed."

Early polls showed that Governor Palin could pull votes from Senator Obama, particularly with women. The race tightened and the media began to get nervous.

"The media and entertainment industry have done all they can to make Governor Palin look stupid," Scott said. "If she were liberal, radical feminists would be rushing to her defense. 'How dare they question a woman's intelligence!' they would scream," Scott said.

"Governor Palin may laugh off the way she has been portrayed on 'Saturday Night Live', and she may ignore anti-religion bigotry expressed by people like Bill Mahr, but the damage is still done."

"I was at an event yesterday and overheard a young man say, 'Can you imagine giving nuclear codes to a religious nut like Sarah Palin? Scary!'"

Scott said the U.S. Constitution addresses the qualifications necessary to be President and Vice President. Everything else is subjective. "I don't care if a candidate can name the president of Namibia. These kinds of things can be learned. What I care about is the kind of person the candidate is and the values and policies he or she espouses. This cannot be learned."

"I predict that John McCain will lose in a landslide," Scott said. "This is primarily because I have not seen a campaign run so poorly since Bob Dole ran for president. I think the media and entertainment industry will be successful at stopping McCain, but they have a more long-range goal. They want to destroy Palin now so she has no future in national politics. This is something the elitists must do now because Palin is skilled, smart and charismatic. She is someone they should fear."

Writing for National Review, Rich Lowry noted that "a look at Palin's 20 months in power, along with interviews with people who worked with her, shows her to be a serious executive, a governor who picked important things to do and got them done-and who didn't just stumble into an 80 percent job-approval rating."

"Yes, Palin is definitely someone leftists should fear," Scott said. "And we thank God for her."

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