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Christine O'Donnell CAN Win Delaware Senate Seat, 2008 Campaign Manager Explains

Contact: Jonathon Moseley, 703-656-1230

MEDIA ADVISORY, Sept. 15 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by Jonathon Moseley, manager of Christine O'Donnell's 2008 primary campaign:

Can Christine O'Donnell win the US Senate? As Christine's campaign manager for her 2008 primary, we planned how to win Delaware against formidable Joe Biden. Those detailed plans are still valid now against an unknown Democrat County Executive.

Pundits drone that Delaware is "blue" (Democrat). Go drive around. Two of three counties have a down-home, conservative culture like Virginia. Even in Wilmington, these are largely Reagan Democrats. This is not Madison, Wisconsin. The industrial legacy of Wilmington has been transformed by the free enterprise financial centers of banks, credit card companies and corporate headquarters.

Democrats in Delaware know they face a bad year. This U.S. Senate seat was reserved for Joe Biden's son Beau Biden. The Governor appointed Kaufman as a placeholder for Beau, then serving overseas. But in 2010, even the Vice President's son did not think he could win this US Senate seat. Democrats essentially admit a Democrat will have trouble winning this seat.

Christine will be the first female Senator from Delaware. Like Catholic Christine, many of Delaware's Democrats are socially conservative Catholics uncomfortable with the liberal trajectory of the Democrat leadership.

Elitist objections to Christine serve as free advertising to financially struggling Democrats and Independents. Those attacks are badges of honor for the general election. Hearing that Christine is not a rich, country club insider demolishes the reason why many have not voted Republican before. Delaware's economy has hurt since 2007. A candidate who has gone through the bad economy with them, who understands, is poised to sweep Reagan Democrats. Only 25% of Delaware are college graduates. Hearing that Christine struggled but persistently fought her way to a diploma sounds very different in their ears than to country club elitists.

Intra-party attacks peaked too soon, as the truth emerges. Is Christine dogmatic? Well, she sued her conservative employer for discrimination. Will Democrats and Independents sympathize? Like Palin, she took on insiders. I was the lawyer who wrote Christine's 2005 lawsuit, filed pro se, while searching for a Delaware lawyer. The record is undeniable that her employer illegally discriminated because Christine talked to the EEOC and was not male. This was why Christine fell from $125,000 job offers into financial difficulty.

Critics charged Christine focuses on money. Hogwash! I lectured Christine in 2005 she needed to stop helping people for free. I kept telling Christine to stop being so generous doing public relations work without getting paid.