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The Michelangelo Frescoes of the Sistine Chapel Contain Divinely-Encoded Images of the Shroud of Turin

Contact: Philip E. Dayvault, Datum Enterprise, 919-787-2448, siped@datument.com

RALEIGH, Nc., Sept. 13 /Christian Newswire/ -- A new discovery reveals a "mystery" never before seen.  Investigative researcher Philip E. Dayvault, of Raleigh, NC, found in 2003 that the famed Sistine Chapel Ceiling fresco, painted by Michelangelo in 1512 and located at the Vatican in Rome, Italy, is also painted in allegory.  Although the central panels of the Ceiling, or "historicals", are illustrated for literal interpretation, they also contain unique symbolic expression.  Once decoded, Dayvault discovered that this expression graphically depicts the Shroud of Turin, in full and complete order.  The Shroud of Turin is the traditional burial cloth of Jesus Christ.   It bears the Image of a crucified Man, consistent with the Scriptural depiction of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. 

In addition, Dayvault, through a "divinely-inspired" discovery in 2003, found that the   Last Judgment fresco, also painted by Michelangelo in 1541, and a portion of the Chapel Ceiling remarkably portray the encoded Face of the Man of the Shroud, including its distinctive features. What makes this discovery so unique is that the single, encoded Facial Image is comprised of portions of both paintings which were painted over a 33-year period, with a 24-year interim, under the tenures of three different Popes, and all-the-while under protest by Michelangelo. This encoded Image has never before been seen or mentioned, despite the fact that an estimated 500 million visitors have viewed the Sistine Chapel since 1512.  Dayvault discovered the encoded Image in January 2003 and it took years of working alone to substantiate the find and make other observations.  These findings actually corroborate the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin and depict an epiphanic Image of the Man of the Shroud, venerated by millions for centuries as Jesus Christ.

Reason, circumstances, and historical data preclude the encoded Images to be man-made. Furthermore, Dayvault believes, the Images are a result of divine inspiration, just like  Holy Scripture.  Michelangelo certainly painted the Chapel Ceiling and Last Judgment frescoes, but the Hand of God actually predetermined the hidden Images of the Man of the Shroud, Dayvault claims. These encoded Images remained hidden until 2003, when revealed to Dayvault.  The Ceiling was painted during 1508-1512.  The Last Judgment was painted during 1536-1541.  Dayvault believes the encoded Image is a depiction of the actual Face of Jesus Christ in His Heavenly Glory, known as the "Beatific Vision." Amazingly, even the Banner of Israel is also divinely-encoded.  His research has been peer-reviewed, with full concurrence of findings.  Other discoveries by Dayvault, and heretofore unknown, relate directly to Scriptural prophecy, the Holy Trinity, the Bridegroom and His Church, and more...much more!                                    

The office of a senior Vatican official was recently notified of this upcoming press release and was offered a preliminary viewing of a CD which graphically illustrates these findings; both as a courtesy notification of increased visitation, and forewarning of increased risks.  The subject of the press release was not divulged for security reasons.   No response was ever received from his office.  Hopefully, a reply will be forthcoming.

It is important to note that the Shroud of Turin is a priceless artifact for the entire world,    and not just a Catholic relic.  It has been under the authority and in the custody of the Roman Catholic Church only since 1983!  

Dayvault believes the Lord's message of divine forgiveness and blessed assurance for the Christian resurrection is vividly portrayed in the Shroud's Image.  Jesus Christ seeks and offers a personal relationship with each of us--it is our choice to accept it, or not.  However, it is a vital decision...and the consequences are eternal.

Dayvault, an evangelical Christian and a former FBI Special Agent, has followed and researched the Shroud since 1973.  He is seeking to produce a DVD documentary which will graphically illustrate these highly visual images.  Dayvault is currently writing a book to further describe this new and unique research.  And, there is more...much more!

"Non Nobis, Domine, Non Nobis, Sed Nomini Tuo Da Gloriam"--Psalm 115:1

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