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New Book 'Secret to Serenity' Offers Real Help for Sexual Abuse Victims
A survivor's story, a therapist's notes, a reader's journal and God's healing grace
Contact: Nina Rios-Doria, 817-657-6277, drninalpc@aol.com;  www.secrettoserenity.com
DALLAS, Nov. 5, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Secret To Serenity, a new book by Chrysty Sturdivant and Dr. Nina Rios-Doria, is a must-read for sexual abuse survivors and their families. The book is available for purchase through the website www.secrettoserenity.com and will roll out to select bookstores in the future.
Secret to Serenity chronicles Chrysty Sturdivant's heartbreaking story of sexual victimization, as told to her confidante, friend in Christ, and licensed professional counselor, Dr. Nina Rios-Doria. Over countless dinners and coffee, Chrysty unveils the story of one survivor and the journey to finding truth, authenticity and spiritual healing. Dr. Nina offers a psychological viewpoint and challenges the reader to journal and answer difficult questions as they relate to each phase of Chrysty's personal story.
In addition, Biblical truths are taken from scripture in hopes the reader will take a more in-depth look at their own spirituality and embrace a life with Christ. Chrysty and Dr. Nina have written and published Secret to Serenity in hopes that victims of sexual abuse can find healing and direction through Chrysty's own story, Dr. Nina's insight, journaling, and the boundless grace of God.
Jennifer McBride, of Dallas Family Magazine, writes, "Secret to Serenity is written in a warm, safe, encouraging format, and the authors have created a personal connection to readers. Each chapter offers story background, questions and answers, Dr. Nina's notes, biblical truths, a prayer, and activities that stimulate the reader's own healing journey." She continues, "Secret to Serenity replaces lies with truth and glorifies the one and only true healer, our Father God."
This powerful book has garnered the attention of T. Charles Pierson, President and CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. He writes, "Secret to Serenity is an incredibly emotional and spiritual story of a woman's journey as a sexual abuse survivor. Chrysty's comprehensive account of the life-time issues that face abused children are shocking and thought provoking. I feel blessed to have had the chance to read Chrysty's story, to know that she has sought God's prayer to help in her healing. Chrysty and Dr. Nina are taking the opportunity to change the lives of others affected by sexual abuse."
James and Betty Robison, co-hosts of LIFE Today Television and founders of LIFE Outreach International, agree. "Tragically, sexual abuse has become a chronic problem in America. No need to waste time discussing the contributing factors. The issue is, someone has been abused, damaged and hurt deeply. There are answers…very realistic and meaningful.
"Dr. Nina and Chrysty are committed to helping others find the pathway to healing. Complete recovery is a process, and help is offered in this book. Secret to Serenity provides the inspiration and direction necessary to begin the journey with hope and assurance. We recommend this book because it is written by two women who truly care and can offer life-changing help."
And finally, Thelma Wells, Author and President of "A Woman of God Ministries" writes, "This is a book of pointed questions and truthful answers; lies and truth; cover-up and revelation; seduction and surrender; hopelessness and hope; pain and healing; shock and composure; discouragement and encouragement… a book that perhaps tells your story and how you can receive healing. This is a must read for you or someone you care about."
Christy Sturdivant practices as a neonatal therapist in Dallas and is also co-owner of Neonatal Therapy Solutions, a consulting and education business. Chrysty is a sought after speaker at a local, regional and national level and volunteers for a revival ministry called Time to Revive. She enjoys public speaking, teaching and mentoring others who have experienced childhood sexual abuse. Chrysty and her husband, Ray, teach a home Bible study, travel together on revival and mission trips and seek God's purpose in their life on a daily basis.
Dr. Nina Rios-Doria is a Licensed Professional Counselor, speaker, writer and parenting educator. She received her Master's degree in Counseling from Dallas Baptist University and holds a PhD in Child Development from Texas Women's University. She has done group counseling with teens struggling with drugs and alcohol, unhealthy relationships, and sexual abuse. Dr. Nina has also worked with parents of children who have been sexually abused. She is married to an anesthesiologist and has one daughter.
Dr. Nina Rios-Doria is a trained "Darkness to Light" facilitator which allows her to teach adults how to become "stewards of children" to prevent sexual abuse in their community. Visit the Darkness to Light website at www.d2l.org