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Ward Connerly to Join College Republicans in 'Diversity Bake Sale'

Contact: Jennifer Bollenbach, American Civil Rights Institute, 916-444-2278

BERKELEY, Calif., Sept. 27, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- Former University of California Regent, and leader of the ground breaking 1996 California Civil Rights Initiative (Prop. 209), that ended race preferences in public contracting, public employment and public education, Ward Connerly, is joining the College Republicans on the campus of University of California, Berkeley today in an effort to highlight the inequality and unfairness of affirmative action.

Connerly, president of American Civil Rights Institute (ACRI) issued the following statement:

"In 1996, the people of California enshrined the principle of equal treatment for all Californians in their State Constitution.  Since that time, there have been many attempts to circumvent the will of the people by allowing race and ethnic preferences in college admissions. SB185, an identical version of which was vetoed by former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on two occasions, is now on the desk of Governor Jerry Brown awaiting signature. Fortunately, for the people of California the Berkeley College Republicans are calling attention to this abuse of legislative power by their satirical 'Diversity Bake Sale.'

"I strongly support their efforts and will attend their event and sell baked goods alongside them as a measure of my support.  It is unfortunate that Senator Ed Hernandez (author of SB 185) and the California Legislative Latino Caucus have such disregard for the people of California that they would take this back door action to thwart the will of the California electorate."

Based in Sacramento, California, the American Civil Rights Institute is a nationally recognized civil rights organization created to educate the public about racial and gender preferences.  For more information about American Civil Rights Institute (ACRI) OR to schedule an interview with Ward Connerly, please call Jennifer Bollenbach at 916-444-2278.