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Fading Dream and Faith

Contact: David K. Sumrell, 757-717-9740

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA, Oct. 7 /Christian Newswire/ -- Melody J Nelson is 46 years old; she graduated both High School and College with honors. She is the Author of 12 fully illustrated, Children’s Books, about a dog named Brandy and her adventures. They have just been released and are available at B&N and Amazon.com, etc. She is an amazing woman, who throughout her life has faced hardships the rest of us can barely understand.

Melody was born with Cerebral Palsy; legally blind, she can hardly talk. She cannot walk or use her own hands. Melody had a dream that one day her mother would see her with Oprah Winfrey, sharing her amazing story of her life and her books. Melody is a gifted writer and brings her books alive through both print and illustration.

On the eve of her lifelong desire to have works published, her whole world is about to be shattered.

Melody's mother is under hospice care and is dying from cancer. She is Melody's strength, friend and mentor. She took care of and inspired Melody throughout her life.

Yesterday, Melody showed her mother the book she dedicated to her and their tears flowed. Her mother has witnessed Melody's Dream, become a partial reality.

Her story will inspire others and help those of us, including the educator's who, as Melody said, "Only want to keep us happy," so that we may become better educated in understanding their complexities and their gifts.

Her story is one of the most inspirational stories about a person who has overcome so many obstacles to become educated. The computer allowed her to communicate in a way that nothing else could. She took full advantage of the technology.

Melody's story will give anyone hope who has Faith, desire and the determination to get their education and to never give up. It took Melody many years to get her books published, but she never stopped believing she would.

Living with disabilities is a challenge for anyone; however living and trying to achieve an education with the way things are and how things were when Melody was coming up was very difficult. Their education depends on our education as learners to become better teachers.

Melody's books are works of art. Melody is a woman of Faith and as we know, Faith can move mountains.

More information about Melody J. Nelson can be found at bradleydallasnorth.net, under Visit Blog.