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Now Anyone can Stop the Mouth of an Atheist or Cultist by Simply Asking the Right Questions

Contact: Susan DelRe, 815-547-0765, Jesus@safeplace.net  

BELVIDERE, Ill., July 2 /Christian Newswire/ -- Illinois based Voice in the Wilderness Ministries has just released three easy-to-read books designed to close the mouths and open the minds of even the most difficult people. What did Jesus do when the false teachers tried to trap Him? Rather than argue doctrine, all He had to do was ask the right question, and it stopped their mouths every time. Answering Jehovah's Witnesses With Questions, Answering Islam With Questions, and Answering Atheism With Questions are designed to teach us how to use the same method Jesus used so effectively.

According to the books' author, Philip DelRe, "There are at least ten good reasons why the art and the science of asking the right question is such a powerful form of communication. First, you do not have to become an expert in the theory of evolution, for example, to hold your own against a PhD biology professor. Just ask the right question, and all the pressure is on the teacher to prove his or her position. Second, if posed with humility, it's non-confrontational, so even the meekest person can do this and be effective. Third, since you're neither arguing nor debating, you don't need to get emotional (although your opponent may). Fourth, if a pointed question causes the opposition to discover the answer in their own mind, they cannot escape the conclusion. Fifth, good questions can cause people to actually think. Sixth, asking questions allows you to maintain control of the conversation. Seventh, it's fun to stump your opponent, while at the same time exposing false conclusions. Eighth, many of your fellow students will thank you for it, and want to know more. Ninth, since the approach is non-combative, it usually disarms your opponent, and causes them to respond rather than react. Tenth, it's what Jesus did.

According to DelRe, "Statistics show that the next generation is falling away from the church before they ever get to college for three basic reasons: 1. They do not know how to explain why they believe, what they believe, so when the persecution comes, they fall away. 2. The hypocrisy they see in those who claim to be Christians. 3. The irrelevance of the Sunday morning sermons. We are working to fix that."

A former national speaker for the Jehovah's Witnesses said, "This is the best resource I have found to refute their false doctrine." One former Muslim said, "Your teaching helped me to discover the truth myself." So, how are the churches responding? According to DelRe, "When I teach this in churches, people always enjoy a hardy laugh when they hear the real life stories, and see how easy and effective this is. Knowing the right questions means you don't have to have all the answers. You do not have to become a creation scientist, a philosopher, or an attorney to effectively engage the so-called 'expert.' No high school or college student should ever leave home without it."

To arrange an interview with Philip DelRe, please call Susan DelRe at 815-547-0765 or e-mail Jesus@safeplace.net