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Abortion Dishonors Dr King Legacy
Contact: Ryan Bomberger, The Radiance Foundation, 877-517-4463
VIRGINIA BEACH, Va., Jan. 16, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Radiance Foundation re-releases a powerful video to honor the fight against the injustice of abortion, featuring Dr. King. The thought provoking video (www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YYw0_dRqQk), entitled "EPIDEMIC" deals with the human rights issue of our day, too often dismissed with bizarre euphemisms like "reproductive freedom" and "reproductive justice". Abortion is decimating the black community, outnumbering all other causes of death, combined.
The Radiance Foundation launched their TooManyAborted.com media campaign to expose Planned Parenthood's history of racism and eugenics and unaltered present. Over 400 billboards have been placed across the country, since 2010, to awaken the African-American community about how a billion dollar abortion industry makes millions by killing, disproportionately, black unborn children. In New York City, home of Planned Parenthood, 60% of all black pregnancies end in abortion; in Philadelphia, 50% end in abortion.
"Planned Parenthood brags about how, in 1966, Martin Luther King, Jr. accepted their first annual Margaret Sanger Award. What they don't mention is that abortion wasn't legal then. They don't mention how every birth control initiative targeting blacks, like The Negro Project, failed miserably to lessen poverty. But they repackage it today under the guise of 'choice' pushing The Negro Project 2.0" says Ryan Bomberger, Chief Creative Officer of The Radiance Foundation. As an adoptee and adoptive father, Bomberger (who is black) is a national public speaker who uses design to communicate how each individual's worth, born and unborn, is undeniable and irreplaceable.
Across the country, studies show that abortion mills are predominantly located in disproportionately black neighborhoods resulting in abortions that are over 5 times higher than in the majority population. "EPIDEMIC" (www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YYw0_dRqQk) reveals the alarming statistics that are the result of the eugenics movement which birthed Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion chain.
"Planned Parenthood is not the savior of the community. They've done nothing to reduce poverty in the black community—ever. Their business depends on abortions, period. They're a billion dollar taxpayer funded organization that fails to reduce the unintended pregnancy rate, but they're highly successful in increasing the number of unborn children killed each year," says Bomberger citing CDC statistics and Planned Parenthood's own Annual Reports.
The Radiance Foundation is working with CPC of Tidewater, Youth and Urban Renewal and Calvary Revival to hold a forum on abortion's impact in the black community at Regent University Theatre in Virginia Beach, VA on Tuesday, January 17th at 6pm. For more information, please call 1-877-517-4463.