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Rape -- Recovery and Healing Survivor Writes Comprehensive Resource

Contact: Abigail Davidson, Publicist, WinePress Publishing, 360-802-9758, abigail@winepressgroup.com


ENUMCLAW, Wash., Mar. 15 /Christian Newswire/ -- One of the oldest sins of man arrives suddenly, leaves a path of violence in its wake, and disappears quickly, yet lingers forever. Rape. Leila Sommerfeld’s life was turned upside down by a man who broke into her house, one summer night and raped her when her husband was out of town. What followed was depression, divorce, a mental breakdown...and finally healing. Now a recovery expert, she wrote “Beyond Our Control—Rape” to guide women through the maze of emotions that must be dealt with in order to heal. This comprehensive, candid book will help not only survivors but health professionals, family members and friends who want to help in the recovery process.

Fear became her greatest enemy as she felt vulnerable in her own home, where the attack took place. Leila shares openly in her book, “My rape trauma tore at the seam of my marriage, shredding it to pieces. Our relationship wasn’t smooth before the rape, and I was a tyrant after it. I was on edge, defensive and impatient. I put up walls of resistance. I felt angry and that nobody seemed to care. My depression had smothered any fire left in our marriage.” From there she spiraled out of control and eventually committed herself to a mental institution, which offered no help for her emotional wounds.

Leila’s first step on the road to recovery began when God started opening her eyes to the anger, revenge and unforgiveness that she held in her heart. There was no denying the pain of the rape was real and the action hideous, but she realized her reaction only entrapped her in a never ending cycle of fear and anger. After attending several recovery groups with perpetrators and victims who met together to bare their souls, she began to realize that she had to forgive in order to find healing.

“Beyond Our Control—Rape” provides a resource that examines the realities of the pain caused by rape, and the realities of healing. It includes a biblical, historical and social perspective, perpetrator profiles, steps to wholeness, choices to make in order to recover, and a wealth of wisdom from people who’ve experienced rape and recovery. Leila, who now conducts rape recovery groups, has devoted herself to helping others rise from the ashes of pain to a fulfilling and joyful life.

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