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A Former Mormon Encounters Grace, Truth, and Peace in Christianity

Contact: Josiah Williams, Publicist, WinePress Publishing, 360-802-9758, josiah@winepresspublishing.com

ENUMCLAW, Wash., June 13, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- A study released in 2011 by Gallup credits a distinct, consistent correlation between religion and overall well-being.* And Mormons, Gallup reports, are unequivocally the most religious of the groups studied.**

However, for Carma Naylor, the Mormon faith wasn't enough. Raised by a Mormon Bishop, Naylor had eagerly embraced and firmly believed the Mormon religion for 40 years. She and her husband had been married in the historic Salt Lake Mormon temple and they regularly participated in the secret temple ceremony for 19 years. While attempting to prove the authenticity of Mormonism, Naylor discovered blatant inconsistencies in the LDS doctrine.

"When I attempted to prove that Mormonism was the only true church, I realized that the unique teachings of Mormonism are found in modern-day revelation from Joseph Smith, not the Bible; Bible passages were taken out of context or contradicted by certain LDS teachings."

Naylor documented her journey from a devout Mormon to a born-again Christian in her book, "A Mormon's Unexpected Journey, Volume II, Finding the Grace I Never Knew" (WinePress, 2010). Naylor exposes Mormonism with love, while sharing the deep emotions and challenges she experienced in leaving her Mormon roots. She encourages Christians to see the fallacy of Mormonism with eyes of compassion; the well-being experienced by devout Mormons is a shadow of authentic grace offered by God, she says.

"Mormons need to see that a true Christian relationship with Jesus is better than what their religion offers them. Lead them to the cross with love, instead of attacking them and causing them to hold on more tightly to their religion. Ask questions that will get them to read Bible passages. Tell them about your assurance of salvation and what Jesus means to you."

Today Carma and her husband, Charles, are born-again Christians. They are the parents of eight adult children and make their home in southern California.

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* www.gallup.com/poll/145493/Religious-Higher-Wellbeing-Across-Faiths.aspx, April 11, 2011.

** Mormons, Protestant/non-Catholic Christians, Muslim/Islam, Roman Catholic, Other non-Christian, Jewish, No religion/Atheist/Agnostic.