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The Truth is Out There...You Just Need to Know Where to Find it, Say IRN USA Radio News Executives

Corporate Merger Gives Listeners 2500+ Air Waves of Real News


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NASHVILLE, March 8 /Christian Newswire/ -- "And the truth shall make you free." This is both the inspiration and driving force behind the recent merger of Memphis-based Information Radio Network and Dallas-based USA Radio Network, a union corporate executives say is – by the hand of God – a match made in heaven.


Information Radio Network (IRN) and USA Radio Network (USA) officially joined forces on March 3rd. And according to Nielsen Media Research, the merging of these two radio network families has created one of the largest news networks in the country, one the new organization – IRN USA Radio News – promises will be a powerful voice for accurate information in America and around the globe.


"The merger between our networks is like a hand in a glove – it's a perfect fit," says Dr. Larry Bates, CEO of the Information Radio Network. "We have compatible corporate cultures, and everyone at the helm and in the trenches carries the same mission in their hearts – to provide truth and information to the listening public everyday."


An official announcement of the merger will be made to the press and other attendees at the NRB (National Religious Broadcasters) Convention in Nashville, March 8th through the 11th.


USA was founded in 1985 by Marlin Maddoux, the man who pioneered conservative talk radio in 1972 with Point of View out of Dallas. USA originally identified the need for a national news service for radio stations not served by major networks. In 2007, Maddoux was inducted into the NRB Hall of Fame, and USA received the NRB award for Best News Format that same year.


At the forefront of radio news for over a dozen years, IRN has news bureaus around the world. The Bates and Maddoux family business merger combines the strengths of both networks, making the new IRN USA Radio News a powerful mega radio network with 2500+ AM/FM affiliate stations and over two hundred and fifty years of broadcast news experience. 


IRN USA Radio News officials say they hope to fill a void they believe exists in the world of information and that as a result of the merger, the opportunity to get the truth out to the listening public will now be unlimited.


"Our whole mission is to raise up wisdom in a generation that lacks wisdom," says Bates. "It's an age of disinformation by osmosis and design; most journalists simply don't have a clue, so audiences are not getting the truth from the current uninformed, controlled media who perpetrate a kind of intellectual incest on listeners."


Offering all the programming previously available on both networks, IRN USA Radio News is broadcast from five satellites at its new base of operations – a state-of-the-art control room in Memphis. In addition to several former USA staff, IRN USA Radio News anchors continue to report the news from a lengthy roster of longstanding popular programs.


"People want a world view that is realistic," says Bates. "There's no such thing as Christian news, per se. News is news. Truth is truth. National and international news affects Christians and non-Christians alike. But if you have real knowledge, then you have an understanding of what's going on. From there you can assess how things will impact your everyday life.


 "We have seen a lot of other networks become tabloid news rather than hard-hitting news," continues Bates. "At IRN USA Radio News you're going to hear news that will make a difference. People aren't really interested in what Britney Spears is wearing or not wearing, or what professional athletes or actors are doing in their private lives. This kind of information really doesn't affect peoples' daily lives. We think there are more important things going on in the world."


Bates is an economist, former bank CEO, and the best selling author The New Economic Disorder. He is also the publisher and editor of the Monetary and Economic Review, with subscribers in all fifty states and twelve foreign countries.


Chuck Bates is the executive vice-president and news director at IRN USA Radio News. Also an economist, Bates worked as an aide to the deputy to the president for Political Affairs in Bush one's administration.


"This is a family operation, rather than a firm controlled by Wall Street," says Dr. Larry Bates. "All of our people are cross-trained and carry full journalist credentials. In other words, the brass is in the newsroom and in the trenches along with everyone else, with their sleeves rolled up, busy working in whatever capacity they are needed in order to get the truth out to listeners around the world."


About Information Radio Network, Incorporated (IRN USA Radio News)


With the Bates family at its helm, Information Radio Network (IRN) has been in business for a dozen years as a news provider network. In March 2008, IRN merged with USA Radio Network (USA) – spearheaded more than three decades ago by talk radio pioneer Marlin Maddoux – to become IRN USA Radio News. With a combined 2500+ AM/FM radio affiliates including several independent news stations, IRN USA Radio News is one of the largest radio news networks in America, and the largest internet radio news product on the market. IRN USA Radio News has news bureaus in Singapore, the White House, Dallas, Rocky Mountain in Colorado, and runs its news operations out of Memphis. 


IRN USA Radio News Staff and Programming



Dr. Larry Bates – CEO

Chuck Bates – Executive vice-president and news director

Mark Maddoux – Vice-president of finance 

Tim Maddoux – Vice-president of operations

David Maddoux – Vice-president / Chief technology officer

Robert Jimenez – National manager of affiliate sales 

Tiffany Forney – National sales director

John Clemens – Dallas bureau chief

Chee Kang Seng – Singapore bureau chief

Connie Lawn – White House bureau chief


Mary Maddoux, the widow of Marlin Maddoux, and his son Mark Maddoux will join the board of the Information Radio Network.




  • News and Views – an IRN USA Radio News flagship program, this confrontational show hosted by Dr. Larry Bates and Chuck Bates – the only on-air father-son team – focuses on economics, politics, and religion, and connects the dots on how these sectors of society affect the culture
  • Point of View – another IRN USA Radio News flagship program, this show, hosted by Kerby Anderson and Carmen Pate, defends a biblical world view, and proclaims Godly solutions for America's problems
  • The Matthew Hill Show – bringing youth to the airways, this newly syndicated talk show is hosted by 29-year-old Tennessee state legislator Matthew Hill
  • The Advocate – a one-hour call-in talk program hosted by Los Angeles attorney and biblical counselor Janet Carter 
  • Treehouse One – the only live call-in talk show in the nation for children, this program is hosted by "Miss Debbie" Eckelbarger
  • Politics and Religion – the hottest prophetic show on the airways, this is a one-hour live talk show hosted by Irvin Baxter and Jesse Woodrow
  • Messianic Vision – with host Sid Roth, this program proclaims the coming together of the Jew and the gentile as one new man
  • Hope for Today – with host David Hocking
  • Viewpoint – with host Chuck Crismier
  • Doers of the Word – with host Pastor David Middleton
  • The Roth Show – with host Laurie Roth