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Liberty Counsel Unveils the Adopt a Liberal™ Prayer Program
Contact: Liberty Counsel Public Relations Department, 800-671-1776

WASHINGTON, Oct. 5 /Christian Newswire/ -- Liberty Counsel has launched a new program called Adopt a Liberal™. The program encourages people to pray for those in leadership to restore poor leaders to right thinking. The Adopt a Liberal™ prayer-in-action program is based on the words of the Apostle Paul to Timothy to pray for "all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence." I Timothy 2:1-3. The list can be obtained at www.LC.org.

The current list of liberals includes Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and those who are not political leaders but whose leadership and actions affect our lives. The Adopt a Liberal™ program urges people "to pray daily for the liberal(s) of your choice, so each can become a good influence on our Nation's culture. Prayer is powerful! It allows God to change the minds of those for whom we are praying." The list includes President Barack Obama, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Congressman Barney Frank, Science Czar John Holdren, Senator Olympia Snowe, Barry Lynn, and others. There is even the "Unknown Liberal," which allows people to nominate a liberal of their choice.

Recently Mat Staver was interviewed on Fox Radio by Alan Colmes, who nominated himself to be on the list. Alan graciously sent Liberty Counsel his photo, and he has now been added to the list of liberals for whom people will offer daily prayers.

Liberty Counsel will be producing a deck of cards similar to baseball trading cards. On one side will be the picture of a liberal and, on the other side, some of their liberal positions or policies that negatively impact life, liberty and family. In this way people can pray for a specific person and then trade cards with their friends. There will be 51 cards, which is one card short of a full deck! Liberty Counsel will also be producing a bumper sticker that reads: "Have you prayed for a liberal today?" While the Adopt a Liberal™ program has a humorous side, it also has a serious side. It is truly designed to be a program that encourages people to pray for our leaders.

Mathew D. Staver, Founder of Liberty Counsel and Dean of Liberty University School of Law, commented: "The admonition to pray for our leaders is one that we take seriously. It is easy to berate those in authority and more difficult to pray for them, but that is what the Bible commands us to do. Our leaders affect life, liberty and family, and we aim to restore poor leaders to right thinking. We believe in miracles. The Apostle Paul experienced a radical change of heart on the road to Damascus. Indeed, God is the ultimate trump card."