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Spiritual Basic Training

Contact: Josiah Williams, Publicist, WinePress Publishing, 360-802-9758, josiah@winepresspublishing.com

ENUMCLAW, Wash., May 11, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- Before a soldier faces combat, he or she must attend basic training. Training is both physical and psychological as these courageous men and women prepare to fight and defend. They don't train as a precaution, "in case you happen to encounter an enemy" but with full knowledge that a very real enemy is out there and that war is life-threatening, especially if you go in unprepared.

The Christian life is often compared to war, with believers as soldiers fighting the enemy of our souls. Every new convert steps from the altar of salvation into the world of temptation, doubt, and false teaching with no training in how to combat the enemy's attacks and avoid his landmines. Jeff and James Jay have served in both military and Christian service and believe that discipleship is crucial to a believer's survival. Their new book "Bible Basic Training" offers believers "foundational instruction that can lead to a lifetime of spiritual fitness, ongoing weapons training and continuing education on enemy tactics." It includes valuable basics of the faith and what it means to be a follower of Christ; how to develop a firm foundation of prayer, Bible reading, service within the church, and developing personal relationships with other believers; how to be armed and ready for combat duty, and much more.

These brothers and authors have fought both literal and spiritual warfare in their years of military service and ministry. Jeff Jay is an Assemblies of God pastor with over twenty years of ministerial experience and he has served as an active duty Army Chaplain for the past several years with two tours to "Operation Iraqi Freedom." James Jay has a myriad of church ministry experience, including teaching and music ministry. He spent four years in the United States Army as an Infantryman during "Operation Desert Storm." Both believe that there is more to the Christian life than mere survival. "God's weapons of warfare -- his power, grace and love -- are available daily for those who desire to dutifully serve their 'Commander-in-Chief.'"

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