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Roger Chapin: Destroy Iranian Nuclear Facilities Now

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SAN DIEGO, Mar. 19 /Christian Newswire/ -- Roger Chapin, Founder and President of Make America Safe, has written an article for the Washington Times which advocates preemptive strikes on Iran to destroy their nuclear facilities at the earliest possible time.

Chapin wants the U.S. to act preemptively to head off an Iranian nuclear attack on Israel and an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) attack on the United States.

"And given Israel's warnings to Iran and its prior attacks on Iraqi and Syrian nuclear targets, Iran will very likely try and nuke Israel first, especially with the very hawkish Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu now in charge," Chapin wrote. "Since the U.S. would presumably retaliate, this makes an Iranian pre-emptive EMP attack on the United States all the more likely."

Chapin explained that an EMP could be generated by detonating a single nuclear-armed missile 200 miles above the U.S., which could be launched from a freighter off the Gulf Coast. He cited a congressionally authorized EMP Commission report in April 2008 which said such an attack would render most computers inoperable, thereby knocking out the electric grid system with devastating consequences. He said most of the population would die from starvation or disease within a year.

"The American people must understand that no less than the survival of our nation as we know it today is at stake and that circumstances beyond our control could prompt a catastrophic EMP attack upon us at any moment," he wrote.

Chapin warned that the situation is grave.

"No matter how you figure it, it's an almost unbelievably scary situation, especially given the relative ease with which an EMP attack could be launched against our homeland and how utterly catastrophic it would be," he said. "Never before has an American president faced a more fateful decision."

Lamenting the lack of awareness by the public and the Congress of "the horrific menace we face," Chapin called for a national debate on this "all-important issue."

Chapin's article in the Washington Times is online at